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some **very** inspirational quotes on controlling the mind...read on:




1. The mind is like a bird and flies here and there on two wings.

One is the wing of the past, and the other the future. The mind


always thinking of the past or speculating about the future but very

rarely is it fixed on the present. We must put the bird of the


in a cage and train it to think only of Krsna and devotional

service. Chant, Chant, Chant. Get the bird of the mind to

stay in

one place, the present, and chant Hare Krsna.


2. Real devotional service begins when the mind is brought under

control. Chant attentively, control the mind, and desire to


actual devotional service


3. Whoever worships Lord Nityananda's lotus feet and remembers


breaks all obstacles into pieces. Jaya Nita! Jaya Goura the


of Nitai


4. Please take shelter of the merciful Sri Nityananda and very soon

all material desires and affections will be gone. By Nitai's


all obstacles can be overcome. So take him as your Lord and

master. Make Him your dearest friend and take Him into your


By His sweet mercy the highest prema is very easily attained. Go

get Nita, He wants you. Gouranga. Be a simple devotee, just


and chant.


5. Whatever you do is kept in the mind and will come back to you

some time in the future. So whatever you think of or do will

disturb you in future. Think Krsna.


6. One must perform ones duty whether it's difficult or even

distasteful to us. We should not act according to the direction


the mind that leads to hell.


7. We should always try our best to make sure that all our acts and

words are authorized and are accepted by spiritual authority,

otherwise it is material independence, and that leads to suffering

in this world. Do not trust the mind and your feelings. Act

according to spiritual authority if you want to get free from karma

and go home to Krsna. Act according to guru, sastra, and sadhu,


Mind, I feel, I do!!! Gouranga chant and be bona fide bbpg


8. Try today to be more Krsna Conscious than ever before. Be very

positive in controlling the mind. Don't talk of useless


Chant and pray more.


9. Never be surprised at what happens in this world. Always


the unexpected. Chant Hare Krsna at all times and keep the mind



10. Gouranga! Never speak badly of devotees at any time. Try


see the good in everyone and keep the mind under control.


has faults.


11. Don't be a slave to the body. Don't be a slave to the


Follow guru, sastra and sadhu. Leave material slavery far


Go home to Krsna.


12. Always be positive in your Krsna consciousness. Never let

negativity take over your mind. Negativity is maya. Always do


is pleasing to Krsna.


13. To control the mind is more difficult than controlling the

raging wind. But it is possible by constant detachment and

attentive hearing and chanting about Krsna


14. Don't try to control the mind by fighting with it that still

keeps you thinking of what the mind says. Take shelter of


chanting and remembering Krsna


15. The mind can be the best friend or the worst enemy. If we


fear, then the mind is still the enemy. Take full shelter of the

holy name for freedom from fear


16. Ignore the mind, just hear about and chant Krsna's glories,


in due time the mind will be controlled. Fighting with the mind

makes us the loser.


17. Meditation is the function of the mind. Until the mind is

purified and spiritualized, meditation can never become


Hear and chant, purify the mind.


18. Happiness and distress is both temporary and are evaluated by

the mind. We are all spirit not mind. The maha-mantra will


the mind when chanted without offense.


19. Thinking, feelings, willing is the three qualities of the


But we should act according to guru, sastra, sadhu, not just how we

feel or think. Chant it is the safest.



The so-called pandits, materialistic scholars, are actually full of

confusion inside. Their very knowledge is a disturbance. Their minds

are continuously chattering deep within. They may be reciting

scriptures, shastras, but that makes no difference. What is going on

inside is of no value.


Unless one is absolutely silent, with complete contemplation - not

even a single wandering thought stirring inside - one can not begin

to hear. People have ears, hence they believe they are capable of

hearing. It is true that they are not deaf, but behind their ears

their minds are toiling to interpret, to compare, to analyse, to

argue, and to doubt. In the process everything gets lost in the dark

depths of the whirlpool of confusion.


If one can simply hear the word or sound in complete absorption

there will be no disturbance. It deepens one's silence. It is the

beginning of realization, for true silence means to hear the soul:


maunam atma-vimarshanam


"Silence is research into the self."


manah-prasadah saumyatvam

maunam atma-vinigrahah

bhava-samsuddhir ity etat

tapo manasam ucyate


"Serenity, simplicity, silence, self-control and

purity of thought are the austerities of the mind."

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