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Blind Faith

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Hinduism, as translated by cults and institutions, even ancient ones like this one, propogates blind faith. You can say that other religions do, but I think Hinduism is unique, in that it does not encourage proselytization, allows direct access for the laity to scriptures and God.


Therefore, my message is this---forget phony authoritarian sermons from cult leaders and Swamis. We are all thinking men, so folklore aside (Krishna or Rama or Shiva), why not follow what Adi Shankaracharya practiced----a healthy balance of faith in the almighty, and a healthy apetite to search for and find self-realization. I am not a particularly Advaita fan, but the Dvaita marg (other than Kapila) has not had lot of disseminated thought, just rituals and mytho-fantasies


Gopal Krishna

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