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Respected Maharaj,


Being a KRSNA devotee,i felt like posting this very personal problem of mine to u.PLEASE ADVISE AT THE EARLIEST.

abt 2 yrs back,i fell in love with a guy( my classmate),I DON'T KNOW WHY but ,we both were v.deeply in love with each other.i told him.this guy was initially a devotee of Mother Gayatri.slowly and in due course he realised the SUPREMACY OF OUR LORD KRSNA,and today he is a true VAISHNAVA.

He is a brahmin,so am i.the blunders that we committed(maybe bcoz of our past karmas) were that we got physically intimate also,except for the intercourse,every other physical bondage has been over.we slept together,although we did not get into final intimacy.later on we realized (BY 'HIS' grace)that we committed very great sins.we did a lot to receive HIS pardon.we worship LORD KRSNA alone.HE is only ou saviour.

now,my problem is that: he 's younger to me(by abt 3 yrs).it never made any difference to us all these yrs.

but.i recently read(in THE BHAGVATAM)that it is sinful for a girl to marry a guy of younger age.THIS HAS SHATTERED BOTH OF US.we weep to our merciful LORD daily.

after having physically/mentally/spiritually intimate with him,my mind does'nt give me permission to amrry someone else(i get the knd of prostitute feeling).

PLEASE ADVISE US. we have surrendered totally to our LORD SHRI KRSNA,unable to understand HIS silent language.

i have whole-heartedly given my purity to this man,,how can ever even look into some other man?

we really thought that we will together do soooo much for OUR LORD,but it appears to be sinful.....we r in the verge of breaking down.





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