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Going to Temple 3rd March Tommorow

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Hare Krishna


I am going to temple for 1st Time [i been before but never as a aspiring devotee of Krishna]. Its in Birmingham, and is called 'The Gaur Govinda Matha'. Many devotees may have heard about it. I hope to have a good visit, and learn something!! Wish me luck, and send me your blessings. That I can be positive and confident on this path...!


As devotees here know I been thru a lot. I am surprized I never visited a mental hospital [Give it time I hear ppls say]. Lifes difficult for me. It's so boring. Being me. I want to be a devotee of Krishna.!



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I hope you have a very nice time there. Its just a phase in your life that you are having this bad time prabhu, as I am experiencing this shifting phase of happiness and sadness nearly monthly. But when you become again out of this phase, you will feel like it was nothing. Enjoy the temple visit /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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I am surprized I never visited a mental hospital [Give it time I hear ppls say].



Or we all are presently inmates of the mental instituion and we are trying to reform our minds to a sane condition so that we may gain life in the Real society.


Afterall, all that we are locked away from Krsna in is our crazy minds. If we weren't crazy we would know we are in His presence right now.


At least most of you have obtained outpatient status. They still won't let me outside the walls.



Patient #00000.3333332

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Koti dandavats;)


I just came back about 1 hour ago and am writing this.


It was amazing experience. The devotees there humbled me by thier dedication to krishna and preaching. I tried my best to be more humble and not act like 'I know it all'..


I have never been so humbled. Anybody who goes to temple or lives thier like I did get ready for a big shock. Your ego will cry literally. I had some good experiences. Even though I am a bit different I thought with time I could fit in. Actually they are very normal, very simple. Sometimes the jokes they find funny went right over my head.


I am sort of a distant person so it was not easy to get into it. I slept a lot.! haha. I went to a house programme in a very cramped van! I was sitting next to the prasadam shoes.


They do have lots of things happeneing. I didn't join in everytime. It was more what I wanted to do. I would ask anybody who is trying to be Krishna Consciouss or just wondering what its about to try stay at temple for couple of days. I feel like a 'hippy devotee' when I came home all the cool hippie type were looking my way!


So it was wonderful. I chanted more and it was nice. I am bit of a nervy person [due to circumstances]. But I still went along. This temple was sooo social. I thought I am going to somewhere with 5-6 devotees. I lost count of the devotees I seen. Bit of a nightware for my confidence. But I handled it well.


One thing I noticed was the dedication the devotees have. Almost effortless devotion. I felt all teary eyed thinking about my position compared to the dedication and hard work they do everyday, its thier life. I feel changed. It wasn't easy being so humbled.


I also thought I would participate in the kirtan and bhajans but was sooo shy I couldn't believe it. I didn't open my mouth at all. Now and again I felt something. Oh yes the prasadam. Ever had Chocolate [substitute] cakes before? I thought I was in heaven.


I really would like to go back. I think I will just go with the flow. I won't plan anything. Oh yeah I even helped out in the kitchen.! Juicing some oranges. The Ekadasi prasadam was so nice! Mashed potato.


I met some very nice devotees. I hope I made one friend there, I think they were looking to me to have some faith. If you ever saw me face-to-face you would know why. I cannot fault the devotees there, niether do I find the political talk that goes on here any good. It won't do anything for your Japa. While I was chanting there my mind was steady and non-critical, my japa was amazing. And it felt good to churn out 16 rounds. It was when I was critical in my mind that I felt Japa was nasty, I just accepted my humble position as servant of devotee and I chanted.


I am sorry to all those devotees whom I have offended over the years. I never knew what a devotee was. Hare Krishna.

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Guest guest

Haribol, panky, thanks for the memories. I went first to see, and the second time, I went early, found someone who was busy, and asked if I could help, pulliun weeds, sweeping, menial tasks. I got so ino this activity taht I ended up working right thru the public program, and was dirty and tired by the time prasadam was served.


This worked for me in a funny way at the old farm (ISKCON) in Ookala HI. We excavated an area under the temple house, and once, (at my initiation in fact), there were thirty devotees rtockin out in the building. Me and another were worried about the structure, so we were under the building with 2 x 4s and hammers, shoring up the shaking building. This was also extremely ecstatic by us laborers under the fun, as our hammers worked to the beat (bang, babg, bang,-- bang, bang, bang).


Nothing like hard labor to make advancement.


Same with MkKinley Street. I arrived early, always, to see if I could be of help. And it is my conclusion that serving prasadam is better than getting served prasadam.


Go early, stay late, make friends and serve the residents.


Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa

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