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Brahmajyoti And Beyond

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Some made up jokes by me, enjoy!


2 Guys in the Brahmajyoti effulgence, one guys says to the other "What time is it?" The other guys says "It's one past 2"..


..another day [huh]..

The same person asks can I get down there you think? Down where he says where up here!


2 Hours later [huh]..

What time is it? ..


4 Hours later [huh]..

Are we there yet?


200 years later [huh]..

What time is it?


1 Million years later [huh]..

Do I know you?


Moral of the story is. There is no 2nd person. He was talking to himself.


Only oneness No individuality!




One day in Brahmajyoti there is a march No more Boredom! No more Boredom! No more Boredom! So new Guy says is everybody bored? No he says we just like to make fun of those guys down there.





One day there's a big merge. Mr.Clump is not happy. What's wrong says his friend? I don't know he says I just feel all merged out today.


Why is that? Sorry what was the question I got distracted.





Soul1000000000000000000000000000 says to Soul1 [huh] what's up?

Nothing. Oh no why what happened? Nothing. Why?

--[was going to delete this joke..never mind]



Where is God? Why says Mr.Merge.



Sir-Merge-a-lot in a far far away place, sends his son Sir-merge-a-many..


He arrives 1Trillion years later. What happened? Well it all started when I met this ...





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