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Spiritual, Nutrition, Prasad, Funny

www.CowsWithGuns.com/cowmovie.html ~~ funny too, children love this cowmovie.

www.FFL.org ~~ If you want to give charity,


http://www.GlobalHemp.com/News/2000/September/marleys_son_to_promote.html ~~ Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy Marley


www.Govindabars.com ~~ BlissBars .. Similar to what Bruce Lee use to make for energy snacks.


www.GopalsHealthFoods.com ~~ Adam & Eve bar, Dangerous Date, Rawma Roll, Rawmasean cheese, All vegan..

( My sweet Lord Cafe ) is Seattle’s first free vegetarian café and restaurant. See also Govinda restaurant.


Barley & Wheat Grass are very nutritional. Grass is listed in the Bible (basic instructions before leaving earth /images/graemlins/smile.gif 37 times, and glorified in every other scripture in the world. There are over 40,000 types that grow in the simplest to the harshest environments in the world and none of them are poisoness. PS~ make sure there are no chemicals on them.

"Tynad api sunicena", more humble than a blade of grass

www.wheatgrass.com ~~ www.naturalfoods.com ~~ www.nowfoods.com ~~



Spiritual WebLinks (FAVORITE SECTION)

www.ChantAndBeHappy.com ~~ Learn to play music, George Harrison and the Beatles made albums with Srila Prabhupada and the Hare Krishna devotees. One album includes ancient Vedic hymns and prayers performed at the Radha Krsna temple. Their music is so beautiful, All you need is Love (Haribol)

www.PrabhupadaVani.org ~~ Full-length audio classes of Srila Prabhupada. Great to learn English, Sanskrit, & Hindi



www.SrimadBhabavatam.org ~~ Beautiful art gallery and treasury

www.HareKrishna.org ~~ & .com Krsna’s & Radha’s pets








www.gurukul.Com .org .net .edu



www.McCremo.com ~~ Spirituality and science work together. L. Ron Hubbard can’t touch this

http://veda.harekrsna.cz/rlinks.htm ~~al kinds of links

http://www.vedicfriends.org/library_of_sacred_vedic_texts.htm ~~

http://www.hare-krishna.org/showflat/cat/HareKrishnaNews/4238/0/collapsed/5/o/1 ~~Christ with a Brahmin boy picture



http://www.salagram.net/Newsletter126.html ~~ vegetarian

http://www.webcom.com/ara/col/books/VEG/ht/ ~~ “The Higher Taste” cook book

http://www.hare-krishna.org/srila-prabhupada-books.htm ~~Free downloads of books




www.avatarmeherbaba.org/ ~~ basic definitions for words


Jewish WebLinks

www.EternalBook.com ~~ The Eternal Book with English & Original Hebrew texts

“Om Shalom” by Stephen Rosen


Christian WebLinks

http://www.Salagram.net/Veg-UmeanItsinBible.html ~~ Bible Quotes & original transcripts. "The body is a temple, not a cemetery for God's creation." "B.I.B.L.E." Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

http://www.salagram.net/Newsletter126.html ~~ vegetarian

http://www.spiritwalk.org/ramdas.htm ~~

http://www.RamDassTapes.org ~~

http://www.Drunvalo.net ~~Living in the heart, universal

www.ChristianVeg.com ~~

www.LassenTech.com ~~ Christian music

www.Pranami.org ~~ Christian and Hindu blend

http://www.All-Creatures.org/murti/asource-19.html ~~


Christian & Judaism Quotes

Books “The Lost Teachings Of Jesus” By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

http://www.Yogananda-srf.org ~~ www.srfbooks.com ~~ universal spirituality

and compatible with Christianity

http://www.hare-krishna.org/showflat/cat/HareKrishnaNews/4238/0/collapsed/5/o/1 ~~Christ with a Brahmin boy picture


http://www10.brinkster.com/butlerd/westchristfaqhtml.html ~Christian versions




Health, vegetarian, vegan

http://www.salagram.net/Newsletter126.html ~~ vegetarian

http://www.webcom.com/ara/col/books/VEG/ht/ ~~ “The Higher Taste” cook book

http://www.hare-krishna.org/srila-prabhupada-books.htm ~~Free book download

Victor Kulvinskas Book "Survival in the 21st century"









http://www.vegetarianwedding.com/ ~~If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." - St. Francis of Assisi



http://www.famousveggie.com/peoplenew.cfm, and to find more vegetarian and vegan athletes, go to http://veggie.org/veggie/famous.veg.athletes.shtml




http://www.masskilling.com/ ~~download free

http://www.WallachOnline.com/ ~~download free









www.SlowFood.com Why is fast food called fast food? Because it speeds you to your grave!!.


farm sanctuary.

Mad cow and prions ..the only cure prayer.



http://www.webcom.com/ara/col/books/VEG/ht/ ~~ “The Higher Taste” cook book

MiracleBlade 3 knife series for fast vegetable cut up

Have juicer, blender



Oils, Bitumen

***Best oils to use for consumption are ghee, coconut, olive, sesame, mustard, lecithin, flax. Others oils should NOT be ingested or cooked in, they are not compatible to the body. If those processed oils are extremely difficult to clean with hot water and detergents, imagine what your body has to do to clean up. ***



***Non caffeine alternatives are www.Soyafeusa.com , www.organicsofoz.com and herbal teas, for those that like Chai tea, Rooibos can be used instead of caffeinated teas. Caffeine squeezes the adrenal glands, giveing a high followed by a crash.***





Dental, wholistic, mercury & metal free dentistry

1) Vicco and Uncle Harrys use all natural herbs based on ancient ayurvedic wholistic healing. 2) Myrrh and Neem powders are very healing for gums & mouth. 3) Cleaning teeth with twigs and branches is very good. 4) Flossing with 2 pound strength fishing line is cheaper and safer. Regular floss has mercury and untold chemicals. 5) Using a tongue scraper is very important especially in the morning.


http://www.HerbsPro.com/shop/xq/asp/pid.18860/qx/productdetail.asp ~~ VICCO

http://www.ViccoLabs.com/ingredients.php ~~Vicco, Great for teeth

http://www.UncleHarrys.com/infobase/resource.php ~~Natural remedies


http://www.Bikerchick.freehomepage.com/about.html ~~ If you have metal in your mouth go to this site.





http://www.ToothWisdom.net/m.battery.html ~~ Seattle dentist Paul Genung, very good

A coherent examination of the current knowledge, and lack thereof, regarding the electrical properties of dental amalgams can be found at:






tooth truth


Health websites

www.WaterCure2.com ~~ simple, effective water cures

www.SolarHealing.com ~~ Sun gazing and breatharian

www.CureZone.com ~~ Ask MH articles

www.MhDewormer.com ~~follow link to obey nature

http://www.obeynature.com/onecure/index.html ~~Sorghum molasses for minerals www.AltCancer.com/oldamish.htm ~~ Cure Cancer, old Amish dewormer,

http://www.UncleHarrys.com/infobase/resource.php ~~Natural remedies

www.YoungLiving.com ~~Pure essential oils

www.Organix.net ~~&\or com Neem oil is very powerful and a natural dewormer.

www.Takionic.com ~~ Energy healing, contains (ChiNon), a silk like clothe made from Cow Milk Protein

www.EnergeticArts.com ~~ Rieki stuff

www.EnergeticArts-Tachyon.com ~~

www.800HerbDoc.com ~~ Curing the terminally ill

www.HuldaClark.com ~~ Cure cancer naturally

www.BernardJensen.org ~~ Valuable info on natural health

www.wholeproductexpo.com ~~

www.NewLifeExpo.com ~~see if this convention is coming to your area

www.Juicing.com ~~ Juicing for health, get alkaline. colon irrigation technique … same process can be done with only a hose, water filter, and tub, emergency only.

www.EnergyMugs.com ~~ Has great energy tools and water filters

www.LEF.org ~~ World wide organization of some of the best doctors, they are cross trained in western and eastern medicine. The main purpose of doctors is to entertain you while your body heals itself.

www.DrDay.com Used the diet from Genesis(also included wheat grass) to cure her cancer

www.DeadDoctorsDontLie.com ~ http://www.deaddoctors.com/ ~ http://www.doctorwallach.com/milk.html ~ Mineral importance, funny cassette http://www.WallachOnline.com/ ~~download free






http://www.psitech.net/ ~~remote viewing

http://www.drwaynedyer.com/home/index.cfm ~~study saints teachings

http://peopleinaction.info/waynedyer/ ~~important persons

Metaphors, aphorism, parables, quotes






Tempurpedic and air mattress and sleep number


Organic cotton

Vegan silk

Cow silk






Radio, Music, Bhajan, Kirtan

www.Purebhakti.com ~~ kirtan section


www.HOS.com ~~ World, ambient, trance music

Caru.ACBSP@pamho.net ~~ Spiritual, music, classes, in Utah

www.WBAI.org ~~ various,

www.AirAmerican.com ~~ various,politics

www.UnfilteredRadio.com ~~ various, politics





Miscellaneous Informative Links

www.GuinnessWorldRecords.com ~~ Various

www.Ripleys.com ~~ Ripley's Believe It or Not!®

www.All-Natural.com ~~ various, mostly health

www.GaryNull.com ~~ various, mostly health

www.Immed.org ~~ Health, mostly on MCS and gulf war illness

www.nycmcs.com ~~various, mostly on MCS

www.Crystalinks.com ~~ various, mostly metaphysical

www.CoastToCoast.com ~~ various,




MCS is multiple chemical sensitivity, if you have seen the first Batman movie with the Joker and people dieing with smiles on their faces, then you can get an idea of MCS.


The most recommended book for anyone and everyone who works with chemicals or has this problem … “Brain Fog” by Bruce Haney … this book is ideal for veterans too. Once you are aware, you can safely eliminate the problem and detox. http://www.ramtha.com/school2.html


Water, Air, & Colloidal Silver

Best water is Glacial milk from Ganga, hard to get though, so here are some alternatives.

www.WaterCure2.com ~~ use distilled water or boiled + organic salt

Dune for a movie on water..


www.energymug.com ~~ has water good filters,


http://chetday.com/colloidalsilvergenerator2.htm ~ one of the best generators and see where to get silver from.

www.FlowerPowerGenerator.com ~~ colloidal silver.


http://www.silver-colloids.com/ ~~very scientific, some layman terms



jimhaszinger@earthlink.net 619 938 1671 world health mall silver

http://www.EndlessPools.com ~~ treat the pool with silver

http://www.ClearDomeSolar.com/ ~~warm pool with solar



desalinators and distillers and solar distillers

Hyperbaric chamber healing. Oxygenate the body

www.WaterKeeper.org ~~to protect our seas, ... if these guys (and others like them) only knew what household cleaners did to the environment, especially the ocean which produce 75% of the worlds oxygen. Water is 75 % oxygen and so are our bodies, Earth has similar make up.

Water should be at least declorinated before use. One simple technique, is to dip a small piece of fruit in the water for 2 or 3 seconds(more if you like). The fruit will absorb the chemicals and not the person drinking the water.


First Aid








Exercises, & Yoga Asanas

www.FiveTibetanRites.com ~~ Yoga exercises that greatly rejuvenate the body.

http://www.LifeEvents.org/5-tibetans-energy-rejuvenation-exercises.htm ~~

http://store.HarborHealth.com/catalog/index.cfm?fuseaction=product&theParentId=10&id=46 ~~total package, for all Rites books and video

http://www.PeterKelder.com/hp_home.php ~~ publisher of 5 rites

www.Cayce.Egympie.com.au/HealthYogaFiveT.htm ~~ online book

http://www.Geocities.com/churchofyoga/exercise.html ~~ rites

http://www.Diac.com/~ekwall2/Fountain_of_Youth/index.shtml ~~ book 1

http://www.MkProjects.com/fa_TibetanRites.htm ~~pictures, warm-ups, exercise

http://TkdTutor.com/11Training/Rites/TibetanRites.htm ~~practice

http://www.Andinia.com/s03651.html ~~ Spanish version

http://ChetDay.com/5Rites.htm ~~Testimonies, plus colloidal silver link

www.FlowerPowerGenerator.com ~~ colloidal silver.


Martial Arts

www.TheSpeedman.com ~~Speed fighting, Jack Williams, John M. La Tourrette

http://home.att.net/~erik.mann/drjlde.htm ~~ Contact speedman

www.dillman.com ~~George Dillman acupressure martial art

www.chungmoodoe.com ~~ Iron Kim

www.karatebreaking.com/gallery2.html ~~coconut breaking videos

http://www.WheelOfLife.co.uk ~~Shaolin monks tour and video

http://www.kimsoft.com/polwar.htm ~~ Art of war, Sun Tsu

http://www.danmillman.com/ ~~ a way of the peaceful warrior



Natural Paints & Paint Remover



www.Mandalas.com and or org

http://www.carryduffdesigns.co.uk/building-supplies/natural-paints.html ~~

www.RealMilkPaint.com ~~ The name says it all









Full Spectrum Lighting, artificial indoor sunlight

http://www.naturallighting.com/articles_light_medicine_for_the_future.cfm ~~

http://www.healthylight.com/prod_flu_index.htm ~~ Full spectrum fluorescent tubes

http://comboweb.com/full_spectrum_lighting.htm ~~ good info, expensive though


Mechanical, Cars and other stuff, + alternative energy

The Aquastrada Delta goes 140 mph on land and 60 mph on water www.CNN.com/tech/9509/car_boat/ ~~A.Delta

www.popularmechanics.com/popmech/out/9411/boatm.html ~~ A.Delta

www.D-W-E.nl/Amphibious/amphi/am_az.htmal ~~ Amphibious

www.4wdOnline.com/Amphib/Dutton.html ~~ Marine car

www.Geet.com ~~ Diesel engine running on 50% water

Martin Hunter got 94 mpg (mile per gallon) in a public witnessed test run. He used only 20 $ in parts to upgrade his wife's stock automobile. National Institute of Inventors, P.O. box 1465, Seneca 29679, usa


www.AirCarAccess.com ~~ Air engine. They run on air and electricity, so simple

www.Eagle-Research.com ~~ These guys have some great gas savers, plus more. This is the one with the Hyco. + “Brown’s Gas” water welder


The use of "stone wool" This is on “Ask This Old House”. It is fire resistant to at least 3700degees F. and has a decibel rating of 80, perfect for sound proofing generator sets & other equipment.

Run flat tires, bullet resistant glass, Spectralite (better than Kevlar) material is light weight, floats, is water resistant, and bullet resistant. These materials could make long lasting all terrain vehicles. Spidersilk ??

www.improb.com/news/2002/may/troy-new-suit.html ~Troy Hurtubise bear suit

www.AboutUsNow.com ~~ Stuff and links to biodiesel fuel.

www.Biodiesel.com ~~

www.Torquemaster.com ~~Superior hand made spark plugs and other stuff

www.Tufoil.com/faq.htm ~~ Guinness world record for oil, best for cars

www.Duralube.com ~~Auto oil, and additives


www.backyardmetalcasting.com/oilburners1.html ~Oil burner, Heater

www.wasteoilheat.com ~~ burns all, Heater

www.steamesteem.com/index.html?burners ~~

www.DrillDoctor.com ~~ stop buying new drill bits, fix old ones like new

http://www.langka.com/ ~~ car paint touch up




http://www.assetpro.us/index.htm ~~ Asset protection, legally file a notice to quit paying taxes. pure trusts, Sovereign Citizenship







http://miracle2.net/product/product_m2soap.asp ~~

www.miraclesoap.com ~~ Great soap

www.amastersmiracle.com ~~ Great soap


www.LifeNatural.com ~~Laundry balls.

www.DrBronner.com ~~ All purpose soap, for personal use


I have done what I could to put only the Best of the Best weblinks together for people.. Please forgive any offences and if you have anything to contribute to helping God's creation, please feel free to do so in truth, kindness, compassion, and integrity.


Nitai Gaura Haribol...


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