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Feeling the changes on earth..

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I need to know why "certain" things happen to me or what I feel is going to happen.


Before a Hurricane, I feel very thirsty. I recently had this problem where I drank everything on site. Apparently, nothing was quenching my thirst. Of course, at the same time I saw the ocean bed in circles! This happened recently with the Hurricanes in the US and the Caribbean.


Another time, I saw the stones on the earth moving, I felt sick and very tired. One hour later Mt. Helen started blowing of smoke. And just recently, I felt nauseas and felt my insides were tumble turvy. This time, Mt. Helen volcano was blowing up rattling from inside.


After reading your article on Siddhis I realized that I have a few. For example; seeing one's home as far away as India to the Caribbean without even setting foot in a home. I can see what is going on inside a person's body from head to toe. When someone loses something I am able to tell them exactly where it is even if they are in a different country! I also have this feeling of heat generating from the middle of my palm and always have the urge of holding them up to the sky.


Oh, and that is not all. I am able to see Mother Durga, Lord Ganesha and many others. Once I had this urge for a laddoo and within a few hours I felt Lord Ganesha feeding me with one. I didn't realize this until the next day because the urge for a laddoo disappeared and after reading who Lord Ganesha was and the foods that are in his hands made me realize this was actually real!! I have since been praying to them both along with the other Gods and Goddesses.


Anyway, I need help in explaining how to control the vibrations inside my body when something major is going on in the earth. For the past few months I have seen darkness on and around the earth. After the darkness something devastating happens I do not have a better way of explaining it.


Please help me I am desperate and need answers.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my e-mail and thank you more for answering the many questions that I have.


Om Shantie,



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