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weiting for Your help!

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Dear friends Vaishnavas!

Please aksept my hambel obeisanses to Your Lotus Feets!

My name is Krishangi d.d.

By greise of lord I hase got apportunity to go to Vrindavan.

Intil now I oll time stay in Vrindavana olredy 2 ears.

Every day I hambelly prey to Radha-Damodara, Radha-Krishna and


I love Vrindavana very match, bat for western

body - it is very diffikult to stay here long time...

In spiritual wey - I am wery well. I chent 64 rounds avery day,

I sometimes klining flor near Rupa Gosvami Samadhi or Sevakunj, and do

any anader

servis, when any seva aveloble... Bat sloully sloully my body bicame

more and more seek and week.

Probably it is bekouse I take only kitry (kichory), wich free

distribut ISKON foot for life and sometaimse I take ruti(chapati)

from Brijabasis.

It is oll my foots. I cannot bay aniting for mayself, bekouse I not

have any money and nobody here not

halp me. Olmost 1 ear I stey in Vrindavan without any money, Bat now

I very need some medikal halp, adervaise I can day

My situeishon really is very bad... Please, Halp me !!!

I was feenking befor, thet I can stay in Vrindavana forever,

bat its bicame very match havi and hard for me...

Now I need to go bace to my houme in my country in Hospitall

to get good care about half, bekouse here in Indiya no any good

hospitall, and medikall halp very bad and exspensif.

I very match need to bay tiket to Flay bace to my houme,

bat I not have any money!

I was very shay to ask You about halp, bat really I not have anybodys,

hoo so kaind to me, like You, dear Devotees...

I not have any friends here. Please, mersifull to me, please

exskyouse me, thet

I ask You, bekouse You my reall Friends and goodweeshers!

I need only 300$ for tiket, bat I very shay to ask You somatch,

Please send me

only how match You can, please send me how match is posoble and

no diffikult for You,

adervaise I will day...Please halp me!!! I need only money to bay


Please, I am in greit difficulty...- I really very match need Your


Please will take care about me...

Please send money soon is posoble by Western Union (in avery Big Banks

have this serves, You can ask in any bank - were Western Union, and

they will tell You)

in this adress:

Shevchenko Lada (passport KC 176178)



Dist.Mathura U.P.


when You will send, please wrait to me the namber,( wich You wrait in

blank-peiper of Western Union) in my e-mail:

krishangi@mail.ru and olso better my new e-maill is:


You can send the letter in boutf.

Please be mersifull to me...Please, send to me only some money to I can

bay tiket ! I really wery match need Your help!


Please , wrait soon. Fenkyou very Match, Krishangi d.d.




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