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Vyasa Puja for BV Puri Maharaja of Krsna Chaitanya Mission

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From Bhakti Vichar Bishnu Maharaj. Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission. India.


All Glories to Sri Guru & Gouranga , All glories to all Vaishnavs. Dear devotees,god brothers and sisters, Hare Krishna ! Dandabat Pranams . This is invited to you are all to participate in the most Spiritual benefit of this human life .


Sri Sri Radha Madan Gopal Sri Vigraha Pratistha Mahotsava and 92nd Auspicious Advent Day (Vyasa puja) Celebration one of the oldest disciple of Sri Sri N P OM VISHNUPAD 1008 SRI SRILABHAKTI SIDHANTA SARASWATI THAKUR PRABHUPAD, the Founder president Acharya of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission and Our beloved , revered and gracious Sri Sri Gurupadapadma Sri Goudiya Vaishnab Acharyabarya Om Vishnu pad 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Vaibhav Puri Goswami Maharaj will be held on 30.01.2005. In this context nine days long celebration will be conducted from 22.02.2005 to 30.01,2005 as per program for the greatest benefit for the world.


The organizers ,the disciples and the devotees in general of the mission will be highly encouraged and derive immense pleasure to have your kind presence in the aforesaid spiritual occasion . PRAGRAM - 22.01.2005-ADHIVAS. FROM 23.01,2005,TO 29.01.2005 DAILY NAGAR SANKIRTAN, NAMYAJNA, BHAGABAT SAPTAH, FIRE SACRIFICE (GHRITA YAJNA ) SPIRITUAL DISCOURSE, SADHUSEVA ,MAHAJAN PADAVALI KIRTAN,CALTURAL PROGRAM, PRASAD DISTRIBUTION ETC (DEVOTIONAL PARTS ). 30.01.2005-New temple inauguration, Sri Sri Radha Madan Gopal Sri Vigrah Prastistha at 8.00 A m. To 10.30. & Sri Sri Gurupuja & Arati from 10.30.to 12.30 PM.Mahaprasad distribution .12.30 PM. Address - T S B.K Damodar Maharaj. Sri Sri Radha Madan Gopal Mandir , Radha Nagar (New Bank Colony) ,Sakhipara ,Sambalpur -758001,Orissa, India .Ph .No -0091-663/2533400,Mob-9437059961. Sambalpur is the business town in west Orissa , famous for the the temple goddess Sambaleswari in Orissa . is located in West Orissa .There is a Big sacred river Mahanadi , (Hirakuda water preserver) dense forest ,animals, bards, ancient tribe people and pure natural attraction to all over the world . .From Delhi 24 hours by train and from Puri 12hours by train or from Bhubaneswar 10hours by train or Bus available always .Guest house and hotels also available please send information before 15 days .


I hope Gouranga Mahaprabhu and His followers will come to preach The Holy Name in this new shelter. Yours , For The service of the Supreme Lord Krishna and devotees .

Bhakti Vichar Bishnu Maharaj,

Devotees ,Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission , India ,


PS- If any devotees interested to send some letters for Vyasa puja please send Quick we can print in magazine .This invitation can be sent your friends or inform me I can send them for better relation and service .Thank you lot.



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