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Romaharsana-suta pastime..?

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Hare Krishna, I am so very confused as to the real reason behind Lord Balarama acting out this pastime. It amazes me how a person who helped compiled the Atharva Veda could be so much inclined to not respect Lord Balarama?



"Here I find the second Romaharsana-suta, who did not stand to show honour when he saw Lord Balarama."



The Sumantu Muni Angira, who was very devotedly engaged, was entrusted with the Atharva Veda. And my father, Romaharsana, was entrusted with the Puranas and historical record


SB:10.Summary {extract}

Because of the misbehavior of Romaharsana, Baladeva killed him at Naimisaranya and appointed his son Ugrasrava, Suta Gosvami, the speaker of Srimad-Bhagavatam, to continue the discourses on the Puranas. Chapter Seventy-nine contains thirty-four verses. This chapter describes how the brahmanas of Naimisaranya advised Baladeva to atone for the death of Romaharsana.


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Transcendental pastime. But I want to know secret behind it.


Maybe its to show that you shouldn't take Vyasana seat with somebody else is more qualified. Or my specualtion but maybe Suta Goswami was more qualified than his father but would never accept Vyasana so Lord Balarama enacted this pastime to show favour to His devotee. I think its because Romaharsana Maharaja was wanting his son to take it, but he would never.

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Lord Balarama is the one who appoints the acarya, Romaraharsana was there without empowerment by Lord Balarama. If Romaraharsana was empowered bu CHAITAGURU, Lord Balarama, He would have recognized his authority and not been puffed up by his fancy chair.


Suta Goswami had no such problem, he was acarya because he did not strive for the POSITION, and only acted on the ORDER from GURU, Lord Balarama. This is the most important teaching of Srila Prabhupada, the successor of Suta Goswami, his guruship being YAJNA, not enjoyment.


hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa

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