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Have you risked everything for Krsna ?

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"A Krsna conscious person knows that if a man is suffering, it is due to his forgetfulness of his eternal relationship with Krsna. Therefore, the highest benefit one can render to human society is relieving one's neighbor from all material problems.


In such a way, a pure devotee is engaged in the service of the Lord. Now, we can imagine how merciful Krsna is to those engaged in His service, risking everything for Him . Therefore it is certain that such persons must reach the supreme planet after leaving the body."




(Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 11.55, Purport)

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I haven't risked anything for Krsna yet. Every so-called service has been calculated. I know that there is a good return somewhere in there for me.


"Ah, there is someone sufferinghow can I capitalize on it for my gain?" I know, I will help him by saying something Krsna conscious to him thereby pleasing Krsna, and then Krsna will elliviate my suffering in some way, maybe give me a nice house by the beach or something. If I do this alot then I'll probably get into heaven even."


Thinking like this I even sometimes seem to go out of my way to seek out these potential gold mine situations er... I mean suffering souls, so that I can please Krsna some more.lol


Krsna is not so easily cheated. He knows our motives much better then we do.


But it just seems to be a phase we must work through. Someday we will be satisfied with pleasing Krsna. He will be our all in all. If His pleasure is all there is to us then what will remain to risk?

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How do you risk what is not yours to risk?


(I know the rich dogs have an answer).


If you're not living with some service, you're already dead.


Theoretically, the so-called risk for Krsna is much more desireable than say, getting drafted and put in the firing line on foreign soil for the rich. No mercy there. Or working in a sweat shop to afford the bare necessities that enable you to work there… alot of these jobs are like working a prison job… is death preferable to a life behind bars? …or a million other things (seems alot of people think a miserable life is better than no life at all)…


But the reality is most satisfying… irresistable!


Coming Back to Life


Where were you when I was burned and broken

While the days slipped by from my window watching

Where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless

Because the things you say and the things you do surround me

While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words

Dying to believe in what you heard

I was staring straight into the shining sun


Lost in thought and lost in time

While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted

Outside the rain fell dark and slow

While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime

I took a heavenly ride through our silence

I knew the moment had arrived

For killing the past and coming back to life


I took a heavenly ride through our silence

I knew the waiting had begun

And headed straight...into the shining sun – Pink Floyd



You gonna preserve this body at all cost, training it to be a sheep or dog and then take birth in that species? Better die for Krsna instead.


Me thinks the rich wants to say who lives and dies… no health insurance claims accepted? no retirement 'cause it was embezzeled by the company? gotta be a soldier? gotta lick butt just to survive? Me thinks the rich elite are just the LOWEST SUDRAS who will destroy the world if they can't have it all on their terms.


ANYONE can stop someone else IF they are willing. You don't have to be rich - or a sudra - to do that.


I'm responding like this because I've seen alot of similar type post - judging by the title - and I've been warned several times on the street. But I know it's a coincidence. If I didn't know better, I'd think the rich and powerful are SCARED OF POOR little 'ole ME. /images/graemlins/smile.gif


I'll finnish with this… their options are less than mine. /images/graemlins/smile.gif


Theist, sometimes I use the older known devotees as a sounding board… since I don't read or talk to many others here. Thanks.

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Hare Krsna


I want some sort of praise, as well, for any Spiritual activity that I do, or just encouragement, don't want to feel like I am by myself, or maybe I am looking for praise so I can be big-headed {I hear cheers of approval} lol.


Not sure. Hare Krsna


Ps. I recieved by Initiation beads. I am about to open later. I'll be informing you all, of ...wait for it.



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Yes we see some of the games we play. Its good to keep us in line a bit. But there is no way to make mental adjustment on a whim and suddenly love Krsna unconditionally. That will come in time. We will grow into it, be pulled into it by the Lord Himself.


Perhaps the less games we play on ourselves along the way the sooner that day will dawn.


We should have a guessing game and try to guess your new name. I thnk it will be Nandaraja das. I have never heard a Nanadaraja das and I figure you are one of a kind enough to be the first. /images/graemlins/smile.gif


Let us know.

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