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Got a clue what these prayers mean?

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I'm looking out for someone who could translate these prayers for me. I picked them from a Dutch site and unfortunately I have no Sanskrit version. Still, if you got an idea what they may signify, your help is appreciated. Thanks, Sirona

<font color="blue">

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Hare Hare; Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Hare.


Shri Rama, jay Rama, jay jay Rama;

Shri Rama, jay Rama, jay jay Rama.


Shri Rama Hare, Shri Rama Hare,

Shri Rama Hare, sukhadhama Hare;


Shri Rama Hare, chavidhama Hare,

mana-mohana sundara shyama Hare.


Jay Raghunandana, jay Siya Rama,

Janki-vallabha Sita Rama;


Raghupathi Raghava raja Rama,

patita pavana Sita Rama.</font color>




He ram he ram


He Ram, he Ram, he Ram, he Ram, (refrein)

jaga me saco tero nam. He Ram...


Tu hi mata, tu hi pita hai;

tu hi to hai Radha ka Shyam.


Tu antaryami, saba ka Svami;

tere carano me caro dham.


Tu hi bigare, tu hi savare,

isa jaga ke sare kam.


Tu hi jaga data, vishava Vidhata;

tu hi subah ho, tu hi sham.


He Ram, he Ram, he Ram, he Ram,

jaga me saco tero nam.

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Hare = Hari (A name of Krishna/Narayana/Vishnu or any incarnation thereof) the "e" replaces the "i" for grammatical reasons... this is used when talking to a person directly, to show respect. (Radha ---> Radhe) Does not work for all names, though...


There are different interpretations for the meaning of this name, but my favorite is "theif." Lord Hari steals our hearts, so He is the supreme Theif... /images/graemlins/smile.gif


Rama (or Ram) = Name of God, meaning "pleasing" or "the one who is completely pleasing or totally satisfying" (something like this)


Krishna (sometimes transalliterated as Krsna) = Name of God, meaning "dark-complected" and "attractive"


Sri (or Shri)= The consort of God, Lakshmi. Sri also means wealth, radiance, and feminine power (main qualities of Lakshmi). In sanskrit word "Sri" is added to the beginning of names as in Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Sri Mahalakshmi, etc. In India today gentlemen are called "Sri such-and-such" and their wives are "Srimati such-and-such..."


Jay or jaya= victory (Jay Rama= victory to Rama)


sukhadhama= Sukha means joy or happiness, dhama means abode, so "abode of happiness" (name of God)


mana-mohana= attracter of the mind (a name of God, the one who enchants our minds)


sundara= beautiful


shyama= dark (a name of Krishna, also called Shyama-sundara; the dark, beautiful one)


Raghunandana= Raghu= sun or dynasty descended from the sun, nandana= child, so child born in the solar dynasty (a name of Rama)


Siya= Sita (Seeta), Rama's wife and incarnation of Lakshmi (Sri).


Janaki-vallabha= Janaki means Sita (daughter of King Janaka) so you can say "beloved of Janaki" (Rama)


Raghupathi (Raghupati)= Lord of the Raghu (solar) dynasty


Raghava- member of Raghu dynasty (similar to Yadava (member of Yadu (lunar) dynasty = Krishna), Pandava, Kaurava, etc.)


Raja= king


I can post the rest later... please correct me if I got any of them wrong.







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