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Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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His devotees claim that he is god or he is an avatar. And he has some power. Power to over come your problems. Some of my cousins are his devotees and they are offering poojas to his image. I have not visited him nor attracted to such persons.

I don’t know how to educate these people and it’s a really shame to this world.


Why is it a shame to the world?



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Doesn't matter if he is a child molester or not. Just because you can cure some illnesses and do some magic tricks like producing vibhuti, doesn't qualify you to be God.


The same logic should be equally and fairly applied to Jesus as well – for it to have any meaning. Turning water into wine or healing the blind are not qualifications.



I know better magicians than Sai Baba, and they never claim to be God.


Yes, we know better magicians than Jesus and Sai baba who - unlike them - did not introduce a religious angle into their magical tricks. But if it worked for Jesus, then it should work for Sai Baba. To state the converse, if it does not work for Sai Baba, it cannot work for Jesus as well. It is that fairness thing I was talking about earlier.


Now Sai Baba has millions of devotees who are perfectly happy with his status – whatever they see it as. They have a positive relationship with their Guru and are thankful for his presence in their lives, in spite of all the damaging, unfounded material circulated about him. Now compare this reality with what our distingushed iskcon colleaues have to say on this forum; people who have no knowledge about Sai Baba beyond what they read in trashy articles and yet consider themselves qualified to sit in judgement of his credibility.


And again, who was the one who said Sai Baba’s claim to a religious icon is due to his ability to perform magic?



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