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Question about trip to Inida.

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My friend and I live in Croatia and would like to spend few years in India visiting holy places of pilgrimage. We are not ISKCON members but we do chant Maha Mantra regularly and trying to follow the teachings of Srimad Bhagavatam.

It will not be our first trip to Bharat but this time there is a possibility of staying in ashram for longer period , maybe even for life. Therefore,we would like to know if anyone here has some experience with formalities (visa etc).




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India is a wonderfuly spiritually surcharged place, Vrndavan, Mathura, Mayapura dhams, all very beautiful. But a warning. If you are not in high class association and staying in a proper asrama run by proper devotees then you can easily get mis-led by the mayavadis over there and the bhogi-yogis as we call them.


I will be honest with you if it is your first time to India, obtain a 6 month visa travelling as a 'tourist' it will give you this option on the visa form. And I would get in touch with ISKON temples over there before you go then arrange accomodation and tours via them, and go for a month initially.


My first time in India I spent the whole trip from Delhi to Mathura with my mouth open in shock! I must of consumed the 8,400,000 species of life in the matter of a 3 hour journey.


Your first time to India should be for a month, and you should pre-arrange all your accomodation and such 'BEFORE YOU GO THERE'


Travel safe India is a beautiful place, very spiritual but it is dangerous as well for a newcommer who is nieve and sentimental.


I have been going every year for 9 year's I know how to travel who to travel with. Where to go, all these things are important if you sort out your material situation it will give you more time to concentrate on the spiritual side of K.C. Otherwise it will be like hell.


Are you both female? Then you should really take my advice and talk it over with more 'seasoned devotees' and arrange things before hand I cannot stress it enough!


Always keep covered over there from the sun and the men! Be very chaste, long skirts, head covered, no shorts and short sleeves! Don't talk to the men or encourage them unless it is really absolutely necassary!


The trains in India have 'ladies only carrages' you should take these trains they are the safest. Wear a money belt under your sari etc, don't pull money out in front of people go to a quite corner and do it....


There are many, things I can tell you for your safety. but it's best if I direct you to ISKON and make arrangements via them. Check out their website, contact the Temple President and tell him what you told me. And ask for his help. He might even know devotees whom are going over there or have a place their where you can stay or travel with them.


Do this...yes, sadhu sanga, we know but if you don't follow precautions then you wont meditate on sadhu sanga...

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