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Different faces of the Bhagavad Gita?

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I have seen many translations of the Bhagavad Gita and still new

translations are coming. I also noticed that the translation by anyone

believing in "Karma Yoga", gives more stress on "Karma Marg", the one

in the "Bhakti Marg", gives stress on Bhakti and the one with "Gyana

Marg" gives more stress on "Gyana". Even recently I saw a new

translation by a yogi who gives more stress on the "Yoga Marg" in the

Bhagvad Gita.


The author of the most recent translation I have looked says in the

preface that anyone who is at the level of Krishna can actually (really)

be able to tell the actual meanings of the Slokas Krishna said in the

Bhagvad Gita. He says that his late guru was a great yogi with a very

high spiritual state, was at the level of krishna. So he has compiled

the translation of the Gita which his Guru had done.


The above statement really suits me that "one at the level of krishna

can tell the actual meanings."


I know that some may criticise the above statement as to how one can

be of the level of krishna.


Even if we consider Siddhas and Rishis who have reached to very high

spiritual states, the translation done by them can reflect the actual

meaning of the Bhagavad Gita since they are the practical man and have

experienced the truth personally.


So how can a normal man rely on any of the translations available in

the market. He will be baffled with the different meanings.

And there, at that moment, a god-realized saint, a practical man,

is needed as a Guru who can guide the disciple.

It is also written in our scriptures that the "Shastras, Veda etc."

can be understood only with "Guru Mukh". And not a theoretical Guru,

but a Siddha practical guru.


I have also seen Vaishnavas saying that only those surrendering to Krishna

(Vishnu) will become free from birth and death. And those worshiping

Shiva, Durga and other devas will come back again.


If you see Devi Bhagavat, the Devi has also said about the same three

Margas, Bhakti, Jnana and Karma, to reach her. She is also considered

"Moksha Dayini" in the Devi Bhagavat. What happens to the "Nishkama"

devotees of Devi. Are they not liberated from birth and death?


Similar interpretations can be found in "Shiva Puran" also. If Lord

Shiva is considered the main lord of this universe only, then

why Krishna asked Arjuna to please Lord Shiva and obtain "Pashupatastra"

from him. There was no need for Arjuna to obtain "Pashupat Astra"

since Lord Krishna was driving his chariot. Without his will no

Astra could have penetrated Arjuna's Chest.


So I think that the laws of Gita are universal whether we worship

Shiva, Durga, Bramha, Vishnu.





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