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I am going to MANTRLAYAM

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I am going to Ahobilam, Sri Sailam, MANTRALYAM & Katari.


I am happy as i gonna have darshan of "Lord Narashima, Lord Rangantha,Lord Shiva & SRI SRI GURU RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY".


I am starting at today nite 9:00 pm (26-03-2004) and i will be back at (30-03-2004) nite.


So i am going to Ahobilam-mantralayam pilgrimage.


May Krishna & Raghavendraswamy bless you all


/images/graemlins/smile.gif Om Namah Shivaya

/images/graemlins/smile.gif Om Namo Venkatesaya

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when you visit Mantralaya do "Seva"either with Sankalpa or otherwise.Take bath in Holy TungabhadraRiver & in wet clothes only do Pradakshina of The Vrindavana of Shri Raghavendrawamy.Perform SashtangaNamaskar 8 times for each Pradakshina.Perform atleast 108 Pradakshina,if your body permits.Recite the Holy Mantra"Om Shri Rahavendraya Namah" while doing Seva.Then take Darshan& Midday Meals as Prasad.Inthe evening attend Arti,Bhajan of Shri Rayaru as he is lovingly called by his devotees.

If one is very devotedly performs the Seva, he will have a Dream in which Shri Rayaru will Bless&guide the dear devotee.May Shri Hari Bless us all.*HARI OM TAT SAT*

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