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A wealthy businessman, after working 7 days a week for many, many years, after losing his wife and kids because of his hectic schedule, decides to go see a psychiatrist.


On his first visit, the psychiastrist explains the procedure to him : all he has to do is lie on the couch and express verbally any thoughts that come to his mind.


He lies on the couch but no thougts come to his mind. For the whole hour, he waits for a thought to come up, to no avail. At the end of the hour, the businessman has not said anything. The alarm goes off, the psychiatrist thanks him for his visit and tells him to go to the cash, where the cashier issues a bill, the businessman pays $200.


The second time, the same thing occurs. The businessman fights for a thought to come to his mind, with no success. The alarm goes off and the psychiatrist walks him to the cash.


However, the third time the businessman went to the psychiatrist, exactly after 45 minutes of lying on the couch, he has a brilliant thought that came up to his mind.


You must now guess what this thought would be. Please scroll down.



















The businessman tells the psychiatrist :















Do you want to be my business partner?



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This shrink finally asks the businessman:

"Why r u keeping so quiet? Y not open up? Y not reveal your mind?"

The patient replies: "Your rates leave me speechless."

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