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Love & Forgiveness

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So it’s this love which actually takes us beyond the ordinary principle that everyone acts out of selfishness. Whatever anyone’s doing, it’s just for some selfsih purpose. The bottom line of everyone’s behavior is some selfish purpose. Isn’t it? That’s a common idea. Aristotle said that and so did alot of other people. But what actually takes us beyond that is love. Therefore, Aristotle was bewildered that some people thought that God or the Gods have activities. He said if we study all the activities of human beings, we find in every case they are trying to satisfy some desire. In other words, some imperfection in themselves. I’m incomplete, I’m lacking something, I have to get that which I’m lacking. He said that’s what motiviates all human behavior. So since God is not lacking anything, how could there be any activity in God? Why would God do anything since God is complete? This was Aristotle’s argument. Interesting, isn’t it? What he didn’t understand is that we transcend selfishness through love.


Pure love can be a motivating force. We can see now in this world, we really need reciprocation in our loving relationships. If we really trust someone and give our affection to someone and they cheat us, I mean we really don’t like it. People are crushed and become angry and bitter. Heavy, heavy reactions. “I trusted you, I gave my affection and love to you and I thought you loved me. And now I see you… You know you son of a blank blank blank.” If we put out and it doesn’t come back, we get real disgusted or depressed or bewildered. So even in our so-called loving relationships, there’s all that selfish element built into it.


Our concept of love includes the idea that you also need something out of it in return. But when you get to that spiritual point where you can just love purely, you don’t need or want anything in return. It’s just like Caitanya Mahaprabhu said ??? (this is his last Sikastika prayer), you may embrace me. ???, or you may trampled me under your foot. In other words you may treat me very wonderfully or just completely reject me. ??? means embracing. ??? or you may trample me under your foot. ???. Or he says (actually this is Radharani He is playing) Or Krsna may break my heart… He may break my heart by not letting me see Him. You see, when there’s a loving relationship between a boy and girl, the boy and girl want to see each other. So then if the boy hears she doesn’t want to see me, the boy is crushed. Or if the girl hears her boyfriend wants to be with other friends then they are crushed. Isn’t it? You don’t want to come and see me? You don’t even want me to come and see you? Yes, it’s very crushing. Isn’t it? So this is what Radharani says. ???, by not seeing me. ???, you may break my heart by not meeting with me. ???, you do what you like, do whatever you like. She said uh ???. ??? means rascal. Just like if a boy or a man has a woman he is not faithful too, then he is ???, rascal. So she said Krsna may do whatever He likes ???, whatever He likes because He has this tendency He may do. But ???, but He alone is my life and my master.


Side 2

This is pure love. ??? In this world it’s not like that. What? You want to do whatever you want? You don’t want to see me? Alright, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Now watch what I do to you now. Let’s see how you like it. Isn’t that the mentality in this world?


Guest: Vindictive.


Hridy: Oh yes! With a capitol V. But that’s how it is in this world. ??? But Radharani says that you are my prana. Prana means my life. It means literally my life air. Prana means the vital air, the life air that keeps the body living. You are my prana and ???, my master and lord. She says that ???, he alone is my lord and master of my life. ???, There’ll be no other. In other words, Krsna can do whatever He likes. He can embrace me, or he can trample me under his foot, he can reject me, he can break my heart by refusing to meet with me, he can be a rascal and go with someone else. But in any case, He alone is my master. He alone is my life. And there will never be anyone else. This is Radharani’s love. It is very nice. Isn’t it? This is pure love.


Guest: When we commit an offense, we are deserving punsihment. Ok? But does he still forgive us?


Hridy: Yes, he’s a father. If you offend his devotee then it’ll take longer. A father will often forgive any nonsense thing a son does. But let’s say the son actually attacks another beloved son. That’s not so easy to forgive. If the father has a beloved son and another rascal son attacks him, that’s not so easy to forgive. So therefore, offense against devotees is very very serious. We should not do that. But we also cannot sin on the strength of chanting. There is this technique of becoming a professional sinner and confessor. Just like they say in Spanish ???. Clean slate. Isn’t it? That’s the idea of confession.


Guest: New account.


Hridy: Yea, clean slate. New account. ??? So that you can’t do. Otherwise it’s like the story of the thief who every week he’s hauled before the judge confesses and promises he’ll never do it again. You now, it becomes nonsense. It becomes obvious the whole thing is just a big game. So if you confess, the idea should be I won’t do it again. Actually it’s interesting because this was actually stated before India had extensive contact with Catholic civilization in which this confession is a big thing. So it was not based on the observation of the Catholics, but rather on the observation of human nature which indicates there’s something universal about this.


You know, you do some nonsense and you go give a few alligator tears for God and then back into your playsuit. There’s a statement ???. ??? means mentality in this context and ??? means sinful mentality or the mentality of sin. In other words, the attitude that I’m going to sin, I want to enjoy these sins. So the mentality that I’m really gonna enjoy these things, but ??? I’m going to enjoy them on the strength of God’s name. In other words, call out to God, cry out to God, take shelter of God’s name. Although all the scriptures say for sinning you go to hell, still by calling out to God he’ll forgive me. In other words it’s like a spoiled brat that does any nonsense and then when the father catches him he just sort of cries and whines, “Daddy I didn’t mean it.” And then he’s right back to the same nonsense. So all this daddy daddy stuff, this confession… God is not so stupid. In other words, you have to actually clean up your act if you want to be accepted by God. No hypocrisy.

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Yes, confess and have stopped the sin, regrets there. To be forgiven is God's decision and we must receive it.


God in Christendom is just and sins must be punished or atoned for, they cannot be merely let go of. Sin is intolerable and cannot be viewed and accepted.


It must be covered, but more up to date, washed away.


Confession like with Catholics only comes into effect after repentance. full acknowledgment of all known sin, stopping and full turning to face Jesus. By faith.


By faith alone, with of course the heart to obey, you are made right, the blood cleanses by faith and infuses with righteousness.


Clean from sin, touched, stained with justice.


If you just have the heart of faith and heart to obey, you are already right, but so much more in Jesus blood.


By faith if you are forgiven your conscience is clear, clean slate, light and free.


You can receive forgiveness.


You then can better forgive others. Which one must.


You stop gaining debt in discord with fellowship with God and you begin to love and not rob him, or at least begin by revering or honouring. Get on his path again. But the debt is still there. His forgiveness either requires you pay up, or that Jesus did and you receive the redemptive work, his blood, by faith.


Then the debt is over. For given. Given to you. You are released. But repentance or confession is not enough.

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