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A Vaisnava acarya is self-effulgent, and there is no need for any court judgement

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Srila Prabhupada's Concluding Words



Srila Narottama dasa Thakura says, chadiya vaisnava seva nistara payeche keba: Unless one serves a Vaisnava he cannot be delivered. The spiritual master initiates the disciple to deliver him, and if the disciple executes the order of the spiritual master and does not offend other Vaisnavas, his path is clear.


Consequently Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu requested all the Vaisnavas present to show mercy toward the two brothers, Rupa and Sanatana, who had just been initiated by the Lord. When a Vaisnava sees that another Vaisnava is a recipient of the Lords mercy, he becomes very happy. Vaisnavas are not envious. If a Vaisnava, by the mercy of the Lord, is empowered by Him to distribute the Lords Holy Name all over the world, other Vaisnavas become very joyful - that is, if they are truly Vaisnavas. Why should a Vaisnava be envious of another Vaisnava who is successful in spreading the Holy Name of the Lord? An actual Vaisnava is very pleased to accept another Vaisnava who is bestowing the Lord's mercy. A mundane person in the dress of a Vaisnava should not be respected, but rejected. This is enjoined in the sastras (upeksa). the word upkesa means neglect. One should neglect an envious person. A preachers duty is to love the Supreme Personality of Godhead, make friendships with Vaisnavas, show mercy to the innocent and reject or neglect those who are envious or jealous. There are many jealous people in the dress of Vaisnavas in this Krishna Consciousness movement, and they should be completely neglected. There is no need to serve an envious person in the dress of a Vaisnava. When Narottama dasa Thakura says chadiya vaisnava seva nistara payeche keba, he is indicating an actual Vaisnava, not an envious or jealous person in the dress of a Vaisnava.


A jealous person in the dress of a Vaisnava is not at all happy to see the success of another Vaisnava in receiving the Lords mercy. Unfortunately in this age of Kali there are many mundane persons in the dress of Vaisnavas and Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura has described them a disciples of Kali. He says, Kali-cela, he indicates that there is another Vaisnava, a pseudo-Vaisnava with tilaka on his nose and kunti beads around his neck. Such a pseudo-Vaisnava associates with money and women and is jealous of successful Vaisnavas. Although passing for a Vaisnava, his only business is earning money in the dress of a Vaisnava. Bhaktivinoda Thakura therefore says that such a pseudo-Vaisnava is not a Vaisnava at all, but a disciple of Kali-yuga. A disciple of Kali cannot become an acarya by the decision of some high court. Mundane votes have no jurisdiction to elect a Vaisnava acarya. A Vaisnava acarya is self-effulgent, and there is no need for any court judgement. A false acarya my try to override a Vaisnava by a high-court decision, but Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that he is nothing but a disciple of Kali-yuga.

(Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya-lila, Ch 1, 218-219)


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On June 15, 1974, in Paris, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada received a visit from two priests and two Christian scholars. (Before his guests arrived, Srila Prabhupada briefly noted the Vedic literature's predictions for our age.)





Srila Prabhupada:

In the Twelfth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, this current Age of Kali, or quarrel and hypocrisy, is described:



tasmat ksudra-drso martyah

ksudra-bhagya mahasanah

kamino vitta-hinas ca

svairinyas ca striyo 'satih

This means, "Gradually people will become dwarfs, and they will die very young. They will be mostly unfortunate, eating too much, and very much sexually agitated. Gradually they will become poverty-stricken and aimless, and the women, all unchaste." Just see. Everything's coming true.



rajanas ca praja-bhaksah

sisnodara-para dvijah

dasyutkrsta janapada

vedah pasanda-dusitah

"The cities will be full of rogues and thieves." Just see.



That's Paris.


Srila Prabhupada:

Anywhere. In Calcutta it is dangerous to go out, because you do not know whether you'll come back. People are so afraid. A man is going to work at the office; it will be God's grace if he returns. Actually, it so happened. I was a guest at the place of one of our life members, sitting there in the morning, when someone came in: "Oh, that gentleman has been killed." He was a very important businessman. He went to the temple, and on his coming back, he was killed from behind.


About so-called saintly persons, the Bhagavatam predicts, tapasvino grama-vasah: "The so-called yogis--they'll live in the city." Actually, the yogis have no business in the city. They should go to a secluded place. But they will live in the city, just like any ordinary materialistic person. Some man is living a materialistic life in the city of Paris, and he's supposed to be a yogi.



This is all in the Twelfth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam?


Srila Prabhupada:

Yes. Foretold five thousand years ago. Here it is said, tapasvino grama-vasa nyasino 'tyartha-lolupah: "And the sannyasis, the so-called renunciants--they'll be too greedy for money."



Just see.


Srila Prabhupada:

Yes. And patim tyaksyanti nirdravyam bhrtya apy akhilottamam: "The common tendency will be to divorce the husband, especially when he has insufficient money or insufficient sex power."


The wife will divorce. Divorce cases take place mainly in two instances: when the husband has no money and when the sex indulgence is not very good.

Here is more:



vaso 'nna-pana-sayana-


hinah pisaca-sandarsa

bhavisyanti kalau prajah

"In the Kali-yuga, the general public will lose their places of residence and will become homeless." You see. I was surprised when I saw, just after arriving in America, that so many people were lying on the street in the Bowery. They had no place of residence. Sometimes they had shelter at night; they would pay one dollar and lie down, and in the morning, they would go away. I saw many signboards there.



They call them "flophouses."


Srila Prabhupada:

Anyway, vasa means "residence," anna means "food," and pana means "beverages"--milk or water or whatever. You require something to drink. And sayana: "sleeping," lying down on a bed. Vasa, anna, pana, sayana, and vyavaya, "sex." Regulated sex, within marriage, for having nice children, is also required. But the Bhagavatam predicts, "These things will be nil." Even bhusanaih, proper clothing. Hinah pisaca-sandarsa bhavisyanti: "Being devoid of all these things, they will be just like urchins." These hippies--they are exactly like this. They have no place to sleep. Nothing of the sort. And with big, big hair--looking like pisaci. [To his Sanskrit editor:] What is the meaning in English?


Sanskrit editor:



Srila Prabhupada:

Ghosts, yes. Ghostlike. Hinah pisaca-sandarsa bhavisyanti kalau prajah: "In the Kali-yuga, the prajah, the people in general, will become devoid of proper residence and food and drink and even proper resting places and bathing and clothing. They'll look like ghosts." And more:



kalau kakinike 'py arthe

vigrhya ca tyakta-sauhrdah

tyaksyanti ca priyan pranan

hanisyanti svakan api

This means that in the Kali-yuga, for a cent--for the matter of taking a cent only--a man will give up his friendship with others. And even his own man, family man, relative--he'll kill him to take that two cents or five cents.



Srila Prabhupada, your visitors have arrived.


Srila Prabhupada:

Yes. Yes. And na raksisyanti manujah sthavirau pitarav api: "People will not even give protection to their elderly parents."



Not even protect their elderly parents.


Srila Prabhupada:

Not even their elderly parents. [To guests coming in:] Hare Krishna. Jaya. Thank you. Hare Krishna.



Srila Prabhupada, I'd like to introduce these visitors who have come to see you. Father Canivez, here, is Secretary of the Bishops of France, and he would like to discuss with you. And here are Father Fransad and also Madame Siaude, who is studying Ramanujacarya and Madhvacarya.


Srila Prabhupada:

Very good. Vaisnava philosophy.



And Mr. Misraki not only composes music but also wrote a book on life after death and so forth.


Father Fransad:

Thank you, Your Divine Grace, for so kindly receiving us. May I ask, first, Do you believe that God is a person?


Srila Prabhupada:

At least, Christians cannot believe in an impersonal God. Christians cannot say that God is impersonal. After all, Christ is God's son, and since the son is a person, how can the Father be impersonal?


And in the Bible it is said, "In the beginning was the word." That is God's word. So if one has a word, then he's a person. A word comes from a tongue and mouth. As soon as there is a word, the background is a tongue and mouth.


And the Christians pray in the church, "O God, give us our daily bread." So God has ears--so that He will hear and supply. But His personality, His word, His hearing--they're all transcendental, nonmaterial.


Father Fransad:

I agree on this point. As you say, God is a person. That is why we can say we have a personal relationship with God.


Srila Prabhupada:

Yes, God is a person. Brahmeti paramatmeti bhagavan iti sabdyate: the Absolute Truth is realized from three angles of vision: Brahman, Paramatma, and Bhagavan. Brahman, the Supreme Person's impersonal, all-pervasive energy; Paramatma, His localized expansion in everyone's heart; Bhagavan, the Supreme Person.


Father Fransad:

I'm accepting some of the things you are saying, but I don't think that I'm obliged to accept everything. I find many things agreeable in the Vedic literature, but I think it might be a mistake to say that the Bible is exactly the same thing as the Vedas. There are still distinctions.


Srila Prabhupada:

Distinctions. Then it is to be considered which is perfect: the later edition--or the original.


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750716pc.sf Conversations

Reporter (2): What will happen to the movement in the United States when you die?

Prabhupada: I WILL NEVER DIE.



690113LE.LA Lectures

...vani and vapu, and vapu means the physical body, and vani means the vibration. So we are not concerned about the physical body. Not concerned means... We are concerned, of course, because the spiritual master, those who are acaryas, their body is not considered as materiel. Arcye sila-dhir gurusu nara-matir. Just like the statue of Krsna, to consider that "This is a stone..." Similarly, arcye sila-dhir gurusu na... Gurusu means those who are acaryas, to accept their body as ordinary man's body, this is denied in the sastras. SO ALTHOUGH A PHYSICAL BODY IS NOT PRESENT, THE VIBRATION SHOULD BE ACCEPTED AS THE PRESENCE OF THE SPIRITUAL MASTER, VIBRATION. WHAT WE HAVE HEARD FROM THE SPIRITUAL MASTER, THAT IS LIVING.


Adi 1.35

The service of the spiritual master is essential. If there is no chance to serve the spiritual master directly, a devotee should serve him by remembering his instructions. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SPIRITUAL MASTER'S INSTRUCTIONS AND THE SPIRITUAL MASTER HIMSELF. In his absence, therefore, his words of direction should be the pride of the disciple.


77-03-12 Letter: Rajarsi

PERSONAL SERVICE TO THE SPIRITUAL MASTER MEANS TO FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS. My request is the same for everyone: that they follow strictly the regulative principles and chant at least sixteen rounds daily. And as much time as they are able should be devoted for preaching according to our books.


DIKSA THE PROCESS of revealation thru Prabhupada's books.

74-11-22 Letter: Bahurupa

In my books the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness is EXPLAINED FULLY so if there is anything which you do not understand, then you simply have to read again and again. By reading daily THE KNOWLEDGE WILL BE REVEALED TO YOU AND BY THIS PROCESS YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE WILL DEVELOP.


Madhya 15.108

"DIKSA IS THE PROCESS BY WHICH ONE CAN AWAKEN HIS TRANSCENDENTAL KNOWLEDGE and vanquish all reactions caused by sinful activity. A person expert in the study of the revealed scriptures knows this process as diksa."



SB 1.7.22

The spiritual master, BY HIS WORDS, CAN PENETRATE INTO THE HEART of the suffering person and INJECT KNOWLEDGE TRANSCENDENTAL, which alone can extinguish the fire of material existence.


75-03-14 Letter: Sivani



SB 3.31.48



SB 4.31.2



EK 4

There are two conceptions of presence--the physical conception and the vibrational conception. The physical conception is temporary, whereas the vibrational conception is eternal. When we enjoy or relish the vibration of Krsna's teachings in Bhagavad-gita, or when we chant Hare Krsna, we should know that by those vibrations He is immediately present. He is absolute, and because of this His vibration is just as important as His physical presence. WHEN WE FEEL SEPARATION FROM KRSNA OR THE SPIRITUAL MASTER, WE SHOULD JUST TRY TO REMEMBER THEIR WORDS OF INSTRUCTIONS, AND WE WILL NO LONGER FEEL THAT SEPARATION. SUCH ASSOCIATION WITH KRSNA AND THE SPIRITUAL MASTER SHOULD BE ASSOCIATION BY VIBRATION, NOT PHYSICAL PRESENCE. THAT IS REAL ASSOCIATION. We put so much stress on seeing, but when Krsna was present on this earth, so many people saw Him and did not realize that He is God; so what is the advantage of seeing? By seeing Krsna, we will not understand Him, but by listening carefully to His teachings, we can come to the platform of understanding. We can touch Krsna immediately by sound vibration; therefore we should give more stress to the sound vibration of Krsna and of the spiritual master--then we'll feel happy and won't feel separation.


680818SB.MON Lectures

Prabhupada: Oh, that you should not think. If... The words... There are two conceptions: the physical conception and the vibration conception. So physical conception is temporary. The vibration conception is eternal. Just like we are enjoying or we are relishing the vibration of Krsna's teachings. So by vibration He is present. As soon as we chant Hare Krsna or chant Bhagavad-gita or Bhagavata, so He is present immediately by His vibration. He's absolute. Therefore try to remember His words of instruction; you'll not feel separation. You'll feel that He is with you. So we should associate by the vibration, and not by the physical presence. That is real association. Sabdad anavrtti. By sound. Just like we are touching Krsna immediately by sound. Sound vibration. SO WE SHOULD GIVE MORE STRESS ON THE SOUND VIBRATION, EITHER OF KRSNA OR OF THE SPIRITUAL MASTER. THEN WE'LL FEEL HAPPY AND NO SEPARATION.


CC Concluding Words

Today, Sunday, November 10, 1974--corresponding to the 10th of Kartikka, Caitanya Era 488, the eleventh day of the dark fortnight, the Rama-ekadasi--we have now finished the English translation of Sri Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami' s Sri Caitanya-caritamrta in accordance with the authorised order of His Divine Grace Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Gosvami Maharaja, my beloved eternal spiritual master, guide and friend.


Although according to material vision His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada passed away from this material world on the last day of December, 1936, I still consider His Divine Grace to be always present with me by his vani, his words. There are two ways of association--by vani and by vapu. Vani means words, and vapu means physical presence. PHYSICAL PRESENCE IS SOMETIMES APPRECIABLE AND SOMETIMES NOT, BUT VANI CONTINUES TO EXIST ETERNALLY. THEREFORE WE MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE VANI, NOT THE PHYSICAL PRESENCE. Bhagavad-gita, for example, is the vani of Lord Krsna. Although Krsna was personally present five thousand years ago and is no longer physically present from the materialistic point of view, Bhagavad-gita continues.


75-11-04 Letter: Suci

You have rightly said that the best way to associate with the spiritual master is to follow his instructions. There are two ways of associating, by vani and by vapu. Vani means words and vapu means physical presence. PHYSICAL PRESENCE IS SOMETIMES APPRECIABLE AND SOMETIMES NOT. THEREFORE WE SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE VANI, NOT THE PHYSICAL PRESENCE, BECAUSE THE VANI CONTINUES TO EXIST ETERNALLY. Bhagavad-gita for example is the vani of Lord Krishna. Although Krishna was personally present 5,000 years ago and is no longer present physically from the materialistic viewpoint, still Bhagavad-gita continues. So you have correctly concluded.


70-06-22 Letter: Hamsaduta

WE ARE NOT SEPARATED ACTUALLY. There are two--vani or vapu. So vapu is physical presence and vani is presence by the vibration, but they are all the same. So Krsna when He was physically present before Arjuna is the same when He is present before us by His vani of Bhagavad-gita. So far I am concerned, I do not factually feel any separation from my Spiritual Master because I am trying to serve Him according to His desire. That should be the motto. IF YOU KINDLY TRY TO FULFILL MY MISSION FOR WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN SENT THERE, THAT WILL BE OUR CONSTANT ASSOCIATION.


770517ar.vrn Conversations

Prabhupada: So I cannot speak. I am feeling very weak. I was to go to other places like Chandigarh program, but I cancelled the program because the condition of my health is very deteriorating. So I preferred to come to Vrndavana. If death takes place, let it take here. So there is nothing to be said new. Whatever I have to speak, I have spoken in my books. Now you try to understand it and continue your endeavor. Whether I am present or not present, it doesn't matter. As Krsna is living eternally, similarly, living being also lives eternally. But KIRTIR YASYA SA JIVATI: "ONE WHO HAS DONE SERVICE TO THE LORD LIVES FOREVER." So you have been taught to serve Krsna, and with Krsna we'll live eternally. Our life is eternal. Na hanyate hanyamane sarire. A temporary disappearance of this body, it doesn't matter. Body is meant for disappearance. Tatha dehantara-praptih. So live forever by serving Krsna. Thank you very much.


SB 4.21.48

Prthu Maharaja was blessed by the saintly persons present at the meeting to have a long life because of his unflinching faith and his devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Although one's duration of life is limited in years, if by chance one becomes a devotee, he surpasses the duration prescribed for his life; indeed, sometimes yogis die according to their wish, not according to the laws of material nature. Another feature of a devotee is that he lives forever because of his infallible devotion to the Lord. It is said, KIRTIR YASYA SA JIVATI: "ONE WHO LEAVES A GOOD REPUTATION BEHIND HIM LIVES FOREVER." SPECIFICALLY, ONE WHO IS REPUTED AS A DEVOTEE OF THE LORD UNDOUBTEDLY LIVES FOREVER. When Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu was talking with Ramananda Raya, Caitanya Mahaprabhu inquired, "What is the greatest reputation?" Ramananda Raya replied that a person who is reputed as a great devotee has the greatest reputation, for a devotee not only lives forever in the Vaikuntha planets, but by his reputation he also lives forever within this material world.



SB 3.29.17

In Bhagavad-gita, Thirteenth Chapter, it is clearly stated that one should execute devotional service and advance on the path of spiritual knowledge by accepting the acarya. ACARYOPASANAM: ONE SHOULD WORSHIP AN ACARYA, a spiritual master who knows things as they are. The spiritual master must be in the disciplic succession from Krsna. THE PREDECESSORS OF THE SPIRITUAL MASTER ARE HIS SPIRITUAL MASTER, HIS GRAND SPIRITUAL MASTER, HIS GREAT-GRAND SPIRITUAL MASTER AND SO ON, WHO FORM THE DISCIPLIC SUCCESSION OF ACARYAS.


SB 3.29.17

It is recommended herewith that all the acaryas be given the highest respect. It is stated, gurusu nara-matih. GURUSU MEANS "UNTO THE ACARYAS," and nara-matih means "thinking like a common man." To think of the Vaisnavas, the devotees, as belonging to a particular caste or community, to think of the acaryas as ordinary men or to think of the Deity in the temple as being made of stone, wood or metal, IS CONDEMNED.


Adi 7.115

In this connection the Padma Purana states, arcye visnau sila-dhir gurusu nara-matir vaisnave jati-buddhih: "One who considers the arca-murti, the worshipable Deity of Lord Visnu, to be stone, THE SPIRITUAL MASTER TO BE AN ORDINARY HUMAN BEING, and a Vaisnava to belong to a particular caste or creed, is possessed of HELLISH INTELLIGENCE." One who follows such conclusions is doomed.


73-11-25. Letter: Cidananda

I should be returning to Los Angeles the last week of November and I should be more than happy to see you there. Please always try to remember me by my teachings and we shall always be together. Just like I have written in the first publications of Srimad-Bhagavatam, "THE SPIRITUAL MASTER LIVES FOREVER BY HIS DIVINE INSTRUCTION AND THE DISCIPLE LIVES WITH HIM.", because I have always served my Guru Maharaja and followed His teachings I am now even never separated from Him. Sometimes Maya may come and try to interfere but we must not falter, we must always follow the chalked out path layed down by the great acharya's and in the end you will see.


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Interview 6 months before lunar landing


December 26, 1968, Los Angeles


Reporter: ... about the movement, and it occurred to me...I was wondering if there were any religious people in this country that had any misgivings or thoughts about the trip around the moon. And whether there were any objections or opinions that would run contrary to the usual thought about traveling to the moon, and he said that in some of your recent lectures you had said that man would not be able to land on the moon because of, now these are his words, because of spiritual beings there or that there would be an impossibility or something along that line. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that or explain what you meant.

PrabhupAda: You are particularly interested with that subject matter?

Reporter: Yes. I told Dan that was what I was interested in. I have background information on the movement, for instance, and yourself.

PrabhupAda: Yes. So far the movement is concerned, it has nothing to do with the moon planetary journey, it has nothing to do. But in the SrImad- BhAgavatam, the authoritative Vedic scripture which we generally follow, in that scripture there is statement that for promoting oneself to the moon planet, one has to accustom himself to the different kind of worshiping process. Just like in the Bhagavad-gItA it is stated that yAnti deva-vratA devAn. Those who are worshiper of the demigods, they are promoted to different planets of the particular demigods. YAnti deva-vratA devAn pitRRn yAnti pitR-vratAH. And those who are worshiper of the pitRs, or forefathers, they go to that planet. Similarly, one who is engaged in worshiping the Supreme Lord, he also goes to the supreme planet. These informations are there in the Bhagavad-gItA. And so far moon planet is concerned, that is within this material world. Those who are pious actors, those who are engaged in pious activities according to Vedic rituals, they can go to the moon planet. That is stated in the...

Reporter: Those who are engaged in what activities?

PrabhupAda: Pious. There are two kinds of activities: vicious and pious.

Reporter: Pious and...

PrabhupAda: Vicious.

Reporter: Vicious?

PrabhupAda: Yes. So those who are engaged in vicious activities, they cannot go to that moon planet. And it is also stated that if somebody goes to the moon planet he gets duration of life very, very long period.

Reporter: If someone goes to the moon planet...

PrabhupAda: Yes. He has a long duration of life there in that moon planet.

Reporter: I guess I didn't understand.

PrabhupAda: Just like we are living here at most hundred years, but they can live there ten thousand years. Do you follow? Just like different forms of body have got different duration of life. A dog lives for six years or a cow lives for twenty years, a man lives for hundred years. Similarly, the residents of moon planet, they live for very, very long time, ten thousands of years.

Reporter: The residents of the moon live for a long time? Thousands of years?

PrabhupAda: Thousands of years.

Reporter: Now are you talking about...

PrabhupAda: This information we get from SrImad-BhAgavatam. SrImad- BhAgavatam, this book. I have rendered into English.

Reporter: Which book is this?

PrabhupAda: SrImad-BhAgavatam.

Reporter: Was this a book which you wrote or translated or...

PrabhupAda: Translated and commented.

Reporter: Translations and comments.

PrabhupAda: Yes. Similarly, I have translated this book also. This is being published by Macmillan company, one of the biggest publisher of your country. Yes. I have published this book...

Reporter: Were you referring to this book when you meant, when you said residents of the moon, do you mean people that go there to live or that are...

PrabhupAda: They are there already. In every planet there are living entities, residents.

Reporter: And this is written in this book.

PrabhupAda: Yes. SrImad-BhAgavatam. There is a vivid description of different planets in SrImad-BhAgavatam. There are innumerable planets within this universe and all of them are described in the SrImad- BhAgavatam. The sun planet, the moon planet, and other planets, they are all vividly described, what kind of residents there are, their mode of living, everything is there.

Reporter: Now Dan not only said that you said that if people try to land on the moon they would not be able to. Can you explain what you meant by that?

PrabhupAda: Yes, it is very common sense. Suppose if somebody wants to land on your country, America. You do not allow. There are so many restrictions, visas, passport, and immigration. And how do you expect to land there, all of a sudden there? They are so intelligent and their duration of life so long. They are far advanced in knowledge. Everything they're advanced. So you cannot expect in that way to land there. This is common sense affair. Besides that, the scientists also agree that the temperature there is two hundred degrees below zero, so how you can expect to land there and live there?

Reporter: In other words, you don't... How do you yourself feel? Do you feel that if the United States or the Soviet Union were to attempt a landing and their spacecraft went down, what do you yourself expect...

PrabhupAda: No, so far our calculation goes, from the books, nobody can do so. That is impossible.

Reporter: Well, does the book say that it would be impossible for anyone to even approach it? At what point would it be impossible...

PrabhupAda: Impossible means the process by which you are trying to reach there.

Reporter: To live there.

PrabhupAda: No, to reach there.

Reporter: Oh, to leave there.

PrabhupAda: Leave there and reach there also. Reach.

Reporter: Reach, I see. But would the flight that was just completed, that doesn't contradict with anything in this book? I mean they were within, I don't know, so many miles...

PrabhupAda: But so far we have got information, no flight has been successful to land there till now. So I do not think how they are going to be successful in the future. This process, just like we are going from one place to another by motor car or by airplane, this process will not help us to go to the moon planet. The process is different as described in the Vedic literature. One has to qualify.

Reporter: What would be, when you say impossible for one to land or to reach the moon's surface.

PrabhupAda: Just like why you speak of moon? Suppose in the ocean, in the ocean you can land by some artificial means for some time, but it is not suitable for human being to live on the ocean. Apart from moon planet, you take the ocean, water, ocean.

HayagrIva: You can't live in the ocean. It's a different atmosphere. You cannot live on the moon because the climate is so different. You can't survive on the moon.

PrabhupAda: Everything is different. You require different type of body to live there, to go there. Just like if you want to live within the water, this body will not be suitable. But the fish, it has got a type of body, they live very peacefully. Similarly, the residents of moon planet, they are meant for living there. You cannot go and live there, abruptly. That is not possible.

HayagrIva: Swamiji? Are there people living on the moon now or were they in other yugas living there? Are they in this yuga living there?

PrabhupAda: No, they're still living there. Yes. As we are living here, they are living there. Yes.

Reporter: And how would you describe these people that live there? Would they be invisible to us or visible?

PrabhupAda: Almost invisible, yes.

HayagrIva: Spiritual body.

PrabhupAda: Not spiritual. That is also material.

HayagrIva: Like ghost bodies? Subtle bodies?

PrabhupAda: Yes.

HayagrIva: Excuse me.

Reporter: Okay, thank you. Thank you. (door closes)

HayagrIva: Their bodies are subtle bodies. They're not like gross bodies.

PrabhupAda: Just like... You try to understand me, that this matter, consisting of five elements, earth, air; earth, water, air...earth, water, fire, air, ether. And then, still subtler than ether is the mind, and then, subtler than the mind is intelligence, and subtler than intelligence is the spirit soul. So before we reach our spiritual platform, there are so many elementary material platforms. So in different planets one of the element is prominent. Just like we can experience in the ocean and sea the water is prominent. In the land earth is prominent. Similarly, in different, just like in the sun planet fire is prominent. So in each and every planet there are particular type of body, particular type of residents. You cannot expect that the same type of body and same type of residents are there.

Reporter: Now, in a way, when you talk about this, you're getting into an area which to outsiders would be interpreted as a type of prophecy since...

PrabhupAda: No, it is not prophecy. We have got this description in the Vedic literature. We are speaking on the strength of authority of Vedas. We are not prophesing(sic).

Reporter: Speaking on the strength of...

PrabhupAda: Of the Vedic literature.

HayagrIva: V-e-d-i-c.

Reporter: Oh, on Vedic literature.

PrabhupAda: Yes. We don't talk anything which is not authorized by the Vedic literature. That is our process.

Reporter: So let me see if I can summarize correctly your views on this, that it would be impossible for human beings to land on the moon planet?

PrabhupAda: Yes.

Reporter: I wonder if you could explain how it would be impossible, to what extent. I mean whether...

PrabhupAda: The same example as I have already given, that if you want to reside in ocean water, is it possible? If you want to construct a city like New York in the ocean, is it possible?

Reporter: No, but what if they had resided in the ocean or on the ocean for a short period...

PrabhupAda: Anywhere. Any, in the ocean or on the ocean, you cannot build up a city like Los Angeles or New York. That is impossible. So even in your presence, in different atmosphere, you cannot go and live. So similarly, the moon planet is completely different atmosphere. How you can live and go? Reporter: But, of course, they're not going there to build a city, but they're only going there to take some rock samples, do some experiments, and then leave.

PrabhupAda: That may be possible. Just like you go in the ocean and live for some time and come back, but you cannot make any permanent settlement there. Yes. But that also I am doubtful whether you can land and take some, I mean to say, earth or water from there. That is also very difficult. So far our literature goes, our information goes, it is not possible.

Reporter: Do you think that the, say astronauts that would land on the moon, do you think they would encounter any difficulty in going about and doing what they wanted to and then leaving?

PrabhupAda: The first thing is that according to our knowledge from the Vedic literature they cannot go there.

Reporter: But you admitted that it may be possible for them to go there for a short time and leave.

PrabhupAda: That I am taking this example just like we go for a short time on the sea but we cannot make any permanent settlement there.

Reporter: Yeah. But according to the Vedic literature they cannot go there.

PrabhupAda: Yes. In this body we cannot go there. With this body we cannot go there. We shall have to change this body. Either you do it scientifically or spiritually or by any other method. With this body you cannot go there. You have to prepare a similar body which is suitable for living condition there.

Reporter: Would a spacesuit substitute for that?

PrabhupAda: Space?

Reporter: In other words, the spacesuits that the astronauts wear...

PrabhupAda: I don't think so. I don't think so. Spacesuits are...

Reporter: You see I'm a little confused because I can't tell whether you feel that based on Vedic literature, that you said it may be possible for them to land and to return for a short visit, yet you say they cannot go with this body.

PrabhupAda: Yes. I say also this, that to land there you must have the specific body suitable for that place.

Reporter: To land there you must have...

PrabhupAda: The specific body.

Reporter: I didn't get that.

HayagrIva: A specific body.

PrabhupAda: Now that specific body, if you are able to make by your modern science, then it may be possible. But you have to change your body to that specific condition. But the spacedress which is now being used, that is not useful.

Reporter: The space uniform, you don't feel that is adequate?

PrabhupAda: Space uniform, that is not adequate.

Reporter: Now what about the beings that live on the moon planet?

PrabhupAda: Yes.

Reporter: Do you feel that they would interfere with any experiments or persons from earth landing there or trying to land there? Say, even if they had some specific body change or came up with a spacesuit that would withstand any changes in temperature...

PrabhupAda: The first thing is that with this body you, neither you can land there nor interfere with their business. The first thing is. The scientists say that the temperature in moon planet is two hundred degree less than zero. Is it not?

Reporter: I don't know.

PrabhupAda: Howard?

HayagrIva: It's very cold.

PrabhupAda: Very cold. So even taking the scientific statement, how you can live there if it is two hundred degree below the zero degree?

Reporter: Well I don't know unless they intend to land at a time that...

PrabhupAda: No. There is suggestion of the scientist that there the temperature is two hundred degree below zero. I have read some paper. So if it is a fact then how you can live? You feel uncomfortable even in the Arctic region within this planet. How you can go and stay there even for a few minutes where two hundred degree...

Reporter: Yes, that's an argument based on logic,...

PrabhupAda: Yes.

Reporter: ...and given the information about the degrees... But obviously, they're going ahead with plans to do so, and you have a transition period, for instance, between the part of the moon that is in sunlight and the part that is darkness.

PrabhupAda: That I've already admitted, that by modern scientific method if you can change the condition of your present body then you can go. It may be possible, but that is very remote.

Reporter: Well do you rule out talking about the beings living on the moon planet? Do you disregard talking about that because you feel it is too remote to chance that anyone would ever land there or do you have any feelings...

PrabhupAda: Remote chance in the present way of going there. But this is not remote. If one wants to go there, there is a particular ritualistic process. If you adopt that, then you can go in your next life. That means after quitting this body you get a different body and you get your birth there. That is Vedic process.

Reporter: Did you say through a particular ritualistic process you can go there in your next life?

PrabhupAda: Yes.

Reporter: Okay. Now I still want to find out if you have any feelings about, say, if...

PrabhupAda: Going there with this body?

Reporter: Yes.

PrabhupAda: No. I am not very much optimistic. Almost I say it is impossible.

Reporter: But if the impossible happened and they were able to safely land on the moon's surface do you feel they would have any difficulty or encounter any trouble with the beings that you say live there?

PrabhupAda: The trouble is already there. You are going with great difficulty and if you land there you may die immediately. Everything is finished. You are already encountering the difficulty. It is not very easy. The Russian scientists, the American scientists, they're trying for the last ten years. Still, they have not approached the moon planet. So difficulty is already there.

Reporter: Yes, there are difficulties but still people feel...

PrabhupAda: Just like the Russians advertised that "We are going there in 1965," they advertised to sell land. So these are utopian. You see? Somebody wanted to purchase land in the Russia. And they advertise also that they have plucked their flag, Sea of Moscow. What is this?

Reporter: Well, my point is that I was trying to determine if there are any particular religious beliefs...

PrabhupAda: It is not religious belief. It is not religious belief. It is fact.

Reporter: Well, I mean not...

PrabhupAda: Knowledge received from Vedic sources. You are talking on the source of knowledge from the modern scientific books, similarly, we are talking also on the source of knowledge received from Vedas. It is not a religious belief or faith, blind faith. We are not inventing anything. We are talking on the basis of authoritative knowledge contained in the Vedas.

Reporter: Does this basis of knowledge include any information about beings and how they would react to people from another planet? Is there anything containing, you know, how they would react? How the moon people react to the earth people coming there?

PrabhupAda: Of course, such description is not in the Vedas, but in some sources we can understand that one king wanted to enter the heavenly kingdom, but he was opposed. He was opposed by the demigods. So much information we have got. So those who are not fit to live there or enter there, maybe they will be opposed by the inhabitants there. And that is also natural to think. If somebody all of a sudden comes to your country, oh, there is immediately immigration department. They will see the bona fides, how you can enter? So why don't you take that also? If moon planet is inhabited by more intelligent class of living entities how do we expect that without opposition we will be allowed to enter?

Reporter: So they are said to be a more intelligent entities.

PrabhupAda: Oh yes. Oh yes. They are living ten thousand years, they are not intelligent? Their standard of living, their mode of civilization, their mode of thinking, everything is higher than this planet.

Reporter: Is this from this book?

PrabhupAda: Yes.

HayagrIva: You say they may not be visible to us, though.

PrabhupAda: Yes.

HayagrIva: To these material eyes they are not visible.

PrabhupAda: Yes. So many things are not visible to our eyes.

Reporter: And when you speak of the analogies of one, say, a foreigner coming to another country and wanting to do whatever he wants to do there and being rejected or opposed by the inhabitants of that country, do you say only by analogy that there might be opposition to earth people?

PrabhupAda: No. There are informations. Somebody trying to enter in the heavenly planet was opposed because he was not qualified.

Reporter: So then because of this example are you saying that if earth people were able to land on the moon that they would be...?

PrabhupAda: First of all, my first conviction is they will never be able. But even they are able, I do not know how they will be easily received.

Reporter: You do not know how?

PrabhupAda: They will easily admitted.

Reporter: You said you don't know how they would easily be received or admitted.

PrabhupAda: Yes, by the residents there.

Reporter: The word "easily" there I don't know how that would... You don't know how they would be received, whether they would be hostile or friendly.

PrabhupAda: Naturally, when I oppose, then I must be hostile.

Reporter: Yes. And you expect that they would oppose?

PrabhupAda: Yes.

Reporter: The example of the king that wanted to enter the heavenly kingdom and was opposed, is this in this book also?

PrabhupAda: Yes.

Reporter: And he was opposed by the demigods?

PrabhupAda: Demigods, or the residents in the heavenly planet.



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