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This topic brings up a related question:


What is a bean? The thing vanilla comes from is called a bean, but it's the fruit of an orchid. Chocolate comes from a tree. Dictionary.com has its definitions, but it doesn't say which applies to ekadasi.


1a) Any of various New World twining herbs of the genus Phaseolus in the pea family, having leaves with three leaflets, variously colored flowers, and edible pods and seeds.



1b) A seed or pod of any of these plants.



2) Any of several related plants or their seeds or pods, such as the adzuki bean, broad bean, or soybean.



3) Any of various other plants or their seeds or fruits, especially those suggestive of beans, such as the coffee bean or the vanilla bean.



4) Slang. A person's head.



5) beans Slang. A small amount: I don't know beans about investing.



6) Chiefly British. A fellow; a chap.




Hare Krishna

Pandu das

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