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the Schwarzenegger/Bush/Rove/nazi connection

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In my opinion comparing the sins of the father or grandfather, with the character of a man is offensive and unfair. While it is true that rich men do many evil and wicked things in the pursuit of the "mighty" dollar, I am sure one can point to more than one "liberal" elitist who has persued the illusion of wealth, while compromising his "open-minded" principles. This is something that is overlooked in today's heated culture of democrat vs. republican. It appears that many so-called "bleeding-hearts"(no-pun intended) are wasting their intelligence and resources towards the wrong end. A winning team mentality has swept over politics, and such a mentality should be left in the ballpark, and not on the political forum. In my opinion, I believe one should use his intellect to judge the character of a man, or even a political party for that matter. The Lord gave us a mind in order to discern truth, from the illusions of the world. If one is caught up in the wave of "propaganda", then one is truly blind.

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Shiva, it does not seem like you're interested in the principles of the Bhavad-Gita in any meaningful way. I come to this conclusion from this battle you are waging in this particular forum, calling Republicans Nazis, and claiming Catholicisms intent is to destroy the Jews. It appears that you are filled with hate and anger, and I would suggest letting go of this if you ever expect to be truly happy. Which is what probably brought you to this online forum anyway, like many of us, the pursuit and the understanding of happiness.


I'd like to contrast your ideas pertaining to injustice done to Jews, by the hands of gentiles representing varied religious and political ideologies, with a story of a Catholic who fought for your people(my assumption is that you are of Hebrew descent) My grandfather, as a young family man living in Poland, was also in a concentration camp in eastern Germany. Even though he was not Jewish. During the time of the war, he was a successful shop-keep with a young family. His wife(my grandmother) helped to run the business, which was a small grocery store. They lived above the store with their 3 year old daughter(my aunt)....Our neighbors(I say "ours" because of my pride for these actions) were Jewish, as the Nazi's occupation of our country became more and more constrictive, it became clear that the Jews living in the small village were in eminent danger. My grandfather was a good friend of his neighboring Poles, the two friends (and their families) decided that their friendship would not be compromised by a destructive ideology. My grandfather had a potatoe cellar( an old structure really, that is quite beautiful to walk through, like an old dungeon) that was reasonably hidden from sight. He hid his friend and their family for 3 months, before the Gestapo came knocking on the door........My grandfather, upon hearing the voices of Germans at the door, upon my grandmothers opening, fled. Quickly grabbing a pistol and jumping out of the second story of his building into the yard. Needless to say, he stood not much of a chance in his escape. He was quickly apprehended. During this day of roundup of certain "undesirables" my grandmother's brother was taken into custody as well. The germans loaded all the prisoners on the back of a truck. Making them lay down on the bed of the truck while stomping and jumping on them with their heavy leather, military, boots. This resulted in broken ribs for my grandfather, and in kidney problems for the rest of my uncle's life....... The orders of the day, were to shoot all Jews and Jewish loyalists in the woods. My grandmother knowing this, went to the Bishop of the small town, in order to plead the Bishop to talk with the Nazi officials tormenting the town, hoping that he would have some influence in helping my grandfather. The Bishop saved my grandfather's life, he was saved from death, yet sentenced to 3 years of pain, at the German "death-camp" Dachau.....He survived here, working in the kitchen and sneaking as much food as he could, his diet mostly made up of a wild plant(nettle) that grows widely throughout the European countryside(considered a weed by many)........He returned home, tired, diseased, and weighing less than 80 pounds,yet not broken, to once again kiss his wife and raise his young daughter.....A few years ago, the surviving son of my Grandfather's neighbor came to visit this young wife and her daughter.(with the daughter grown, and the young wife now old) Flying from Australia, where he lives now, to see them in Chicago. They ate motza ball soup together, laughed, and spoke in Polish with eachother. Old neighbors (Poles)


My point is this,there are many sins of the father, But lest we not forget their virtues.

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i'm not pointing to republicans or catholics,

just individuals and groups who desire

to control and exploit using either

"spirituality" or genetics or some other dogma,

with the goal of power,wealth,dominion etc.


The history speaks for itself,the facts of the catholic

involvement in helping the nazis,as well as other powers

helping the nazis, is there to study.


If some are or were aginst these dark forces then clearly

the articles do not pertain to them,

this doens't mean that there wasn't and still isn't

support for the racist and tyrannical ideologies within those



Either way the Bhagavad Gita tells the story of God

inspiring Arjuna to take up arms and fight the unqualified

rulers,to throw the bums out, this was Krsna's message,

don't leave it up to Me he says,you take the reins,

you fight these oppressors,regardless of their

familial connection to you, they are wrong and not qualified

to lead.


that is the message of the gita,the catholics and western powers that be, claim authentic power to rule,even claiming

this authenticity comes from god, even though they are and have been involved in mass racist violence as well

as the destruction of mother earth, they should not be

applauded simply because they feign spirituality,

the proof of the pudding is the tasting,what is the

result of their work ?


I am part jewish,my reasoning has nothing to do with

that, i simply see who has the power,how they got it,

and what they believe,in truth , with that in mind

they are not qualified to rule over me, or anyone else,

whatever their predecessors did or didn't do is beside the point,they are all still intimatly connected and following the same path for generations,rule by the

racist intolerant minority who have belief

in their own dominance,with the result of a prison

society,a mass of polluters,genocidal maniacs

with no regard for the old,the infirm,the poor

or the unfortunate.


Greed is their god, dont be fooled by their rhetoric.



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Well Shiva, do what you must. I suppose that the Lord all made us different for a reason, you are correct about Arjuna. You can go protest the Republican national convention if you want. I prefer to bring about change through kindness and understanding. I believe in the Lord and I trust that he will help balance the earth.


"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine"


Dom Aim...PLvenomous

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