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Can you enlighten me please?

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Hello Everyone,


Hare Krishna! Jai Sri Jesus!


When I was introduced to the Hare Krishna community, I can't really fully grasp the essence of it. Yet, I tried to read more about Sri Prabupada's teaching and Krishna books and I realized it wasn't strange at all. However, honestly, I feel that it sometimes contradicts to what I believed in. One of these, is the "worship of the deities". Why we need to worship the dieties/servants of krishna instead of Krishna alone? We need to respect them of course, but why worship? I believe that we only must worship the Most High, or serving only the Most High or else there will be a split of attention.


Still another is the role of women in the community. I see that there is a contradiction when it teaches that all women should be honored as "Mothers", on the other hand, it also says that women are temptress and should not be trusted.


Can you enlighten me with these?


Thanks. God Bless!



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In bhagavath Gita, Krishna clearly explains that he will be happy if you love him, but he will be even more happy if you serve his beloved.


For example, if you serve krishna, I would then serve you, because I will make my krishna happy in doing so.


Krishna says this because : His devotees are always serving him with love and affection, but when he wants to do something for them, they don't want it because they only want to give.. not take.


So, Krishna feels so happy if we serve those who serve him. That way, he gets his happiness of serving them back with love /images/graemlins/smile.gif


To worship the most highest is good, but to please the most highest is greater, the reason for our existence is to please the most highest in any way He wants us to please him.


Also, the deity of krishna and the deity of Radha are just models, but krishna comes into them to take our service.


If we do it with love, he comes into those vigrahas... we are serving the most highest that way. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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"Also, the deity of krishna and the deity of Radha are just models, but krishna comes into them to take our service."


There are many stories in the Bhagavatam about

how Lord Krishna is non-different from His

deity form, anybody can read these and have

a clear understanding and or at least

appreciate the deity form of Lord Krishna.


I was just reading a book called The Vedic Prophecies

by Stephen Knapp and he also decribes his travels while

giving brief descriptions of the story behind the

Sri Radha Krishna deity etc..


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Guest guest

Hare Krishna,


Aakaasaat patitam toyam yatha gacchati saagaram// Sarvadeva namaskarah kesavam prati gachchati // Sreekesavam prati gacchatyon nama iti //


Nothing wrong in worshipping other Deities. Deities have goodness in them and GID is the seat of all goodness. However it is wrong to worship other deities independent of GOD.


About women, one statement gives directions to men on the conduct, while the second statement objectively says that women, if they are attracted to any man, are dangerous for the celibacy of men.

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god is omnipotent and has not duality in himself.. so his name, image, activities, entourage are not different from HIM.... a deity, sculpted with the the image and shape of sri krsna.... is krishna, nothing more or less,


exactly like the name.. who is krishna even if he seems to us an ordinary sound vibration


so worshipping the deity.. archa vigraha.. it is exactly worshipping god himself




it is not that women are temptress, or that they are like it more or less than men.. the thing is applied to both sexes


i have to relationate with women (except my wife) as they were my mothers and not potential girlfriend or prostitutes.. in the same way the women has to look at men... fathers

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