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Who is Siddarha's tribe??

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I will assume that you are talking about Siddhartha Goutama, you say "Siddarha's tribe" (probably a spelling mistake).


Well here is the history of Siddharta Goutama's birth.

Birth of Siddhartha Goutama :

Buddha's father was Suddhodana, king of the Sakhyas. Buddha's mother was named Maya. Buddha was born in B.C. 560 and died at the age of eighty in B.C. 480. The place of his birth was a grove known as Lumbini, near the city of Kapilavastu, at the foot of Mount Palpa in the Himalayan ranges within Nepal. This small city Kapilavastu stood on the bank of the little river Rohini, some hundred miles north-east of the city of Varnasi. As the time drew nigh for Buddha to enter the world, the gods themselves prepared the way before him with celestial portents and signs. Flowers bloomed and gentle rains fell, although out of season; heavenly music was heard, delicious scents filled the air. The body of the child bore at birth the thirty-two auspicious marks (Mahavyanjana) which indicated his future greatness, besides secondary marks (Anuvyanjana) in large numbers. Maya died seven days after her son's birth. The child was brought up by Maya's sister Mahaprajapati, who became its foster-mother.


I hope this helps



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It is said that the material sense pleasures are not going to give happiness, because you are taking care of the cage and not the bird inside it.


Buddha proves it, he leaves all that material enjoyment that he had as a prince in search of true enjoyment.


Even though he finishes his search half way, he says that the end of suffering is happiness...


But all of our scriptures say that the cessation of suffering + true happiness is happiness. /images/graemlins/smile.gif


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