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soul & Body

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a wise man once said.... in each of us there coexists two opposing forces... there is that spritual force through which the soul in the true sense of the term (the angelic soul) expresses itself... and the then there is the force of the human animal... which is an expression of the 'basharic' soul... the basharic soul itself has two components an aspect which is useful and necessary for our animal life (eating... sleeping... etc) and another side which is harmful, the domineering self.. aka... nafs...


the forces of the nafs and the angelic soul are the negative and postitive poles in each of us... nothing can be achieved without this association of opposites... withouth the contact between iron and flint there would be no spark... without darkness we would not understand light...


the human body without the angelic soul has only an animal existence and is of no real use...and the angelic soul cannot perfect itself without the body... each world has its own laws... in the material world the angelic soul needs a material garment that it can use as a means of communication... which will allow it to develop and advance...


in essence... the body is the vehicle that carries the soul in this material world... (this school)





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why does the soul need a body? spiritual and material



The soul doesn't need a material body, although he thinks in this way because of his selfish desire to lord over material nature. He needs this material 'yantra' (machine) to executes his innumerable desires.


The spiritual body is the soul himself in his original form as servant of Krishna.

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This is a very nice question.


The fact is that soul is always independent of body in the material world. As Krishna says:


Prakrti Kriyamaanaani Gunai Karmaani Sarvasha,

Ahankaara Vimuudhaatmaa Kartaaham Iti Manyate.


Meaning that "All works are being done by the modes of material nature and the foolish person with False Ego thinks himself to be the doer"


So, it's the False Ego or the Ego which says that - "I am this body of material elements" which is the root cause of the suffering. Once this tendency to treat the body as the self is removed then the "Brahmabhutaa" stage is realised.


And from that stage onwards the transcendental loving service to Krishna can be done in an uninterrupted and unmotivated manner. As Krishna says:


Brahmabhuta Prsannaatmaa Na Shochati Na Kankshati,

Samah Sarveshu Bhuteshu Mad Bhakti Labhate Param.


Meaning Krishna says : "The person who has realised that he's not the material body is very happy because he neither hankers for material gains nor grieves at losing something material. He's is equipoised towards everyone and attains the transcendental loving service to Me."


Once the mind has got into the habit of continuous meditation on the lotus feet of Krishna then the soul no more gets a material body. As Krishna says:


Man Manaa Bhava Mad Bhakta

Mad Yaaji Maam Namaskuru

Maamevaishyasi Satyam Te

PratiJaane Priyosi Me.


Krishna says: "Give your mind to Me, become My devotee, offer your obeisances to Me. You'll surely come to Me I'm telling this to you Arjuna because you're dear to Me"


So, the actually the soul does not need any body. It is full in itself and this realisation is Self Realisation which is the stepping stone to realising Krishna and being Krishna concious!


Hare Krishna!


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