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Are ther any spiritual online webloggers here ???

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I mean does anyone here have a daily online journal of spiritual realizations ?


or do any of you have a weblog ?


or are thinking perhaps of starting one ?


chronicling their struggle,ecstasy and adventure of Krishna Consciousness online?

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Sometimes I keep a journal on Word, though other times I don't update it for quite a while. Actually, you are making me think it's time. It is always benficial when I do, and I become sorry that I let it go so long. Gradually, that will reduce and reduce, until it ends. I also have my work that sometimes gets in the way, or eats up the time I would use for journaling. Anyhow, this is an excellent way to increase realization or work out issues within ourselves.

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Yes, this is the real issue:



this is an excellent way to increase realization or work out issues within ourselves.




We want to become genuine lovers of Krishna

And the spiritual weblog can be a way to go forward.

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Is it selfish of me to consider my journal to be a private matter between Prabhupada, Krishna and myself? I am too private a person to share so much of myself with the whole world - there are so many misunderstandings and fault findings from unimformed people that I choose to keep my journal as it is now.


I am not saying it is wrong if someone wishes to share - it is just not for me right now. Perhaps someday I will feel differently.

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Haribol L.E. /images/graemlins/smile.gif


Oh, I had no plans to share my Journal with anyone. ha Maybe at best, I might share a piece of it if a number of devotees were doing it, or if their was an egroup. Maybe. And only what I pick out of it and feel safe about sharing. Most likely though, I would be a lurker. :-)


I agree with you, it is a private matter. It sure has helped me resolved more than one issue, and has even helped me add spiriutal acitivites to my life, or achieve various goals. Because when I get an idea, even if I can't act on it immediately, I log it. Later I find I'm often able to follow through. Since it is written down, that is what helps me be able to go back and do it.




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