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Kicking Darwin on his face

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HG Madhavendra Puri Dasa Vanacari (Stephen Bernath) is on the mission to defeat the Darwin's theory of evolution. He is traveling extensively around the world lecturing at different universities and writing articles. To see most recent updates in his research please visit his new web page :


Please feel free to contact Madhavendra Puri with questions,suggestions or invitation to speak or debate.


Srila Prabhupada speaks on defeting Darwin.

"Dr. Singh: What you have been saying completely contradicts Darwin’s theory of evolution.


Srila Prabhupada: Darwin is a rascal. What is his theory? We kick out Darwin’s philosophy. The more we kick out Darwin’s philosophy, the more we advance in spiritual consciousness."

"Prabhupada: Full nonsense, this rascal. How much havoc he has done to the human society. A grand rascal, this Darwin. And he is taken as the basic principle of anthropology. The whole world has become... So all scientists, by combined meeting, they should kick out his Darwin theory. All, they should modify... (pause) Long, long ago, before, things were there. Nobody knows how long. In the Padma Purana it is said, bhramyadbhir jiva-jatiñu. You know this word?"

Srila Prabhupada: Darwin and his followers are rascals. If originally there were no higher species, why do they exist now? Also, why do the lower species still exist? For example, at the present moment we see both the intellectual person and the foolish ass. Why do both these entities exist simultaneously? Why hasn’t the ass form evolved upward and disappeared? Why do we never see a monkey giving birth to a human? The Darwinists’ theory that human life began in such and such an era is nonsense. Bhagavad-gita says that you can directly transmigrate to any species of life you like, according to your efforts.

You might want to check http://www.kickdarwin.org website. I find it very interesting.

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Actually, his own grandson whose name is also Charles Darwin wrote a book disproving the evolutionary theory.


In reality, the Evolutionary theory is not all wrong, Charles Darwin is right up to the point that we need evolution to advance. That is true, but to say that one thing comes after another is wrong.


He explained it wrong, but the basic idea is true.


A swami explained it to a bunch of doctors at a party I went to...


He said that evolution is not all wrong... we need evolution and evolution has made us come to this, but to say that one thing never existed is wrong.


In other words, what he says is that the plant already exists in the seed. The seed does not become the plant.


It made all the doctors and the people in the party to think about this seriously and every one applauded him even after he left the party.


They never expected a sanyasi to explain such a complex theory... and defeat darwin like that.



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Scientists have been proven wrong and there have been

cover-ups by the goverment-they know darwins theory is

not true, but keep the false act so the scientists are

kept 'happy', for i am sure there 'good brains' for

building big weapons. Also USA says trustin God, so

they should be first people to scrap darwin thoery

in schools, is it not?..anyways Hari bol. Radhe Radhe

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It is like that in Gallapalos, I saw a movie where at every six months there is an increase in one type of birds in Galapalos and decrease in another type and vice versa.


It is true in Gallapalos , but to say that it is true everywhere is ridiculous. Also, they used to teach evolution theory in our high school, it was not mandatory to know it as the truth. Just like it is not mandatory to know John Dalton's first Atomic Model.



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