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The Terminator has a new mission...

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The most liberal state and our politics are controlled by the media.


The Terminator has made good use of Media... smart guy!


He is going to win in cali , because he has "great views"(liberal thinking) .


I would also vote for him if I was in cali and if I was 18... why? - because i would naturally want my vote to count.


Why lose a precious vote to the loser when you can vote and make yourself the winner!


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Yeah I assumed the animal slaughter was an obvious given considering our society.


LE I heard Gary Coleman say today that he is in the race but he himself is going to vote for Arnold.


This place is nuts. There is this woman from Hollwood in the race who is famous for drivng around in a pink convertible car of some kind and her huge plastic breasts and pink bikini top.


If someone donates 3,500 I'll get in also. I'll sign in as Alfred E. Newman 11

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I_love_krishna: Would I vote for a baby killer? - No.


Would I like my vote to count? - Yes.


So who would I vote for ? - Mr . Arnold.



Babhru: Yeah, that's really smart! Let me see who's ahead in the popularity polls, and vote for the guy they say is ahead. That's the only way my vote will count.


This is why our country is in the state it's in. "Screw principles--I just wanna feel like a winner." Oh, God, take me now!


Your vote only counts ILK, if you cast it based on carefully considering the candidates in terms of who is most likely to serve the people well according to your best judgment. If you only vote for who's cutest, who seems to have the best personality, who's ahead by someone else's measure, or who agrees with you on one issue only, you lose, along with the rest of us.

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isn't it? Geez, plastic breast-woman will probably get a good number of joke votes which will take away from someone that might actually be qualified!


People do not study the qualifications and agendas of the politicians they decide to vote on. It is true - who is cutest? who is this party or that party? Or as you say based on one thing that they agree on without looking at the whole picture.


This country is becoming a laughing stock politically because of this kind of thinking.

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I don't know that I'd say he would be better than any of the Democrats. Bustamante could be effective, having come from leadership in the legislature and being chastened by seeing what's happened with Davis (truth is, when we elected Davis there were no good choices). Uberroth could be good, and I don't know what party he's registered with. He did a good job in baseball and organized the '84 Olympics extremely well. What the state needs is someone who is both an organizer and people person (I'm not sure Davis is either--just a shrewd fundraiser) who feels committed to many of the state's important programs but not as committed to spending money they don't have as many of the Democrats are. I'm just glad I'm not there any more.


The culture-war issues (abortion, gay rights, etc.) can come later. Right now they need someone to save the world's 6th largest economy, and that takes creativity and energy, not ideology.



BTW, let's see how Republicans handle it when this recall comes around to bite them on the ass if they can't get things together or are more interested in ideology and reelection than in the welfare of the nation's most populous state.

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Or forget parties altogether. They should just get the best person in, after all this trouble and expense. Anyone running from third parties? That's where my votes often go, because I want them to count (that dirves my father nuts, and I know it'll drive I Love Krishna nuts, too). The first presidential candidate I voted for, in 1968, was Dick Gregory, who was the Peace and Freedom Party's candidate in Virginia. This was my first election, and there was no way I could vote either for Nixon or for Humphrey.

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the party thing just gets in the way more often than not. We need to study the candidate and their platforms etc and make our decisions based on the best not the party.


Besides, usually we get upset with whoever we vote for anyway!! LOL...and if the guy turns out to be a real loser nobody ever admits to have voted for him. More laughs!!!

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Guest guest

For this son of a Nazi. An unqualified idiot. Hes even a horrible actor, only stallone is worse.


Davis makes an important point, this whole thing is undermining democracy. Kalifornias problems are due to investing in the companies owned by the present fed administration. Davis sucks, but he didnt cause the calamity. Look to Texas to find the culprit.


mad mahax

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