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Dogs & Cats

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Hare Krishna


Why did the rabbit cross the road?

Because it needed some much needed carrots, although it was Ekadasi, so it made do without, and also you not supposed to eat carrots..Haribol!


What did the rabbit say to the fox?

Ha Ha, its not Dvadasi yet so you can't eat me!



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Guest guest

Hare Krishna


Here goes:


Whats a girrafe and a cat got in commom?

They are both dumn.


Whats the difference between a girrafe and a cat?

They can't see each other.


Why did the girrafe and cat get get into a fight?

They tripped over each other.


What did the girrafe say to the Cat?

You standing in my do-do.


What did the girrafe have fo breakfeast?

A cat.


<font color="blue">O </font color> <font color="green"> Mind </font color> <font color="red"> Just </font color> <font color="orange">Worship </font color> <font color="black"> Krsna </font color>





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Hare Krishna


Some more of 'my made up bad jokes', you heard em here first!


Whats a donkey and a Buddhist got in common?

They both have 3 legs.(sorry)


What did the Osama Bin Ladin say to his wife?

You've been ladin me.


What did the carrot say to George Bush?

What are you looking at dumbo.


Whats the USA and UK got in common?

Answers on a postcard to Canada.


What did the Kangaroo say to the Elephant?

Got any spare tyres.


Whats the best way to concentrate on one thing?

Resist going to the toilet for as long as you can.

(you'll think of nothing else)


What did the George Bush say to Tony Blair(UK Prime Minister)?

My countries bigger than yours! <it a pun joke only.OK.

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