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Prabhupada ; "Whom I love ? "

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If you study thoroughly, that is called meditation, that “Whom I love.” Say for the first time, I love my body. If there is some danger I try to protect myself from the danger. That means I love my body.


So the next question will be: “Then why don’t you love a dead body?” Suppose your wife or husband, you love, because the husband and wife is in the body, dehino ’smin yathä dehe. So I love the body because the spirit soul is there. This is right conclusion. Otherwise who is going to love a dead body? Nobody.


Now if wife’s husband has died, son has died, he’s crying. You can say that “Why you are crying?” “Oh, my son is gone, my husband is gone.” “Nobody gone. It is lying here.” “No, no, no. He’s not.” So after death we understand that this dead body is neither my husband nor my son. Late experience. But in the beginning there is no such experience. That is called illusion.


He’s understanding that this dead body is not neither my father, nor my husband, nor my son. He’s different from. That is practical example. Otherwise why not take the dead body of your husband or son and keep it? No. That is not possible.


So it is clear that the soul is different from the body. But because we are fools and rascals, we learn it after death. That is foolishness.


Not in the beginning. In the beginning the Bhagavad-gétä says, Kåñëa says, that asmin dehe, “Within this body, the soul is there.” “No, no. I don’t believe.” Dull brain cannot understand. But after death, he sees, “Yes. The body’s not my son. The body’s not my husband.” So that is foolishness.


The foolish person understands late, and the intelligent person understands very quickly. That is the difference. So I love my body. I love my husband’s body, my wife’s body. Why? The real husband, wife or son is within the body. Therefore we love. Then the conclusion is that the soul is important more than the body.


Then the question will be that “Why you love the soul?” Then the answer will be “Because the soul is part and parcel of Kåñëa.” Krishna says, mamaiväàço jéva-bhüta. So ultimately the conclusion is that I love Krishna and, because the soul is part and parcel of Krishna, therefore I love the soul. And because the soul loves within this body, therefore I love...


There is no difficulty to understand. But so long one is under illusion, he’s under the bodily concept of life. Therefore Sästra says that one who is in the bodily concept of life, he’s animal

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