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World starving for leadership

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And always has been.


It is no wonder even in bible humans always compared with sheeps. Because sheep is most dumb animals who eat the grass with their roots and starve to death.


All it takes is a soul with a dream and vision to laudly speak out his goals and vision and people will follow him. Be it blind men following another blind men or be it Prabhupada and ISKCON.


Point is become a leader. Not just for your family but in your community. How many people you lead?


Best leaders are the best followers also. Best guru is a best disciple. Same principles.


And I have a news for you. You won't become a leader by reading this or reading anything else on Internet :P


but at least give some idea that Prabhupada wanted us to do. Become a Guru, amara ajnana tara... lead.


If you walking and look back and nobody walking behind you - you are not a leader - you just went for a walk.



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