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Once, there was a guru, who was brushing his teeth, when all of sudden...

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Once, there was a guru, who was brushing his teeth, when all of sudden a disciple came rushing in and said, "Gurudeva! Gurudeva! You will never guess what I have just seen! It was amazing! There was a man, and he was flying in the sky! He was actually flying up in the air! Woosh!" Now, as the disciple was carrying on like this, making a complete spectacle of himself, his guru-maharaja simply continued to nonchalantly brush his teeth, and eventually remarked, rather casually, that this is not important. "But gurudeva, did you actually hear what I said? I'm not making this up. He was flying," the disciple persisted. He insisted that this was a significant event in his life, and continued to persist, yet all the while, the guru kept brushing his teeth, sometimes calmly and rationally interjecting, that this was not at all important. After some time had passed, and even while the disciple was still carrying on like this, the guru literally began to levitate, and then flew all around the room. As he was actually floating in the air, the disciple, who was presently carrying on like a madman, then regained his senses and noticed that his guru-maharaja was actually flying, just like the man he was formerly so impressed with. His mouth suddenly dropped open. At this point he was ready to listen. When the guru descended back down to the ground, he explained that the important thing is devotion to God. This will bring about the greatest ecstasy and fulfill the purpose of life.

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