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UFO crash in Russian harbor

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Does anyone have any info on the recent report of a UFO crashing into a harbor in Russia? It was apparently seen by an entire town and a fleet of ships. I can't seem to find any reports on the subject.


Please help.


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From "UFO Roundup" (http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/v08/rnd0817.shtml):


The Russian Navy has reportedly recovered a large triangular UFO, which crashed in Kaliningrad harbor after overflying a naval base. The crash caused minor damage to a Russian destroyer of the Sovremenny class.


According to ufologist James L. Choron, "an unidentified flying object has crashed at Kaliningrad," a seaport on the Baltic Sea, about 650 kilometers (390 miles) east of Moscow.


"The story is being released gradually, as it was witnessed by the entire Baltic Fleet and most of the citizens of Kaliningrad. Wreckage is being recovered."


"The whole thing was caught on (Russian) television and was broadcast live by a news crew doing a feature on the fleet. The (triangular) craft was seen as a total loss and, as yet, no bodies have been found."


The UFO "was overflying the base," which is the home port of Russia's Baltic Fleet. "It is assumed that the fleet radar interfered with the craft's guidance system. It was not, repeat NOT, shot down."


"The craft appeared to be of a 'flying wing' design and was absolutely silent. It hit the water at what is described as 'a tremendous speed.' No casualties. High levels of radiation present."


The crash reportedly caused "minor damage" to a Sovremenny-class Type 956 heavy destroyer at anchor in the harbor. The Sovremenny is similar to a U.S. Navy Aegis- equipped missile cruiser. The Russian vessel is armed with an onboard anti-submarine helicopter, 48 surface-to- air missiles, 8 ship-to-ship missiles, torpedoes, mines and 12.5-centimeter (5-inch) guns. (Many thanks to James L. Choron and John Hayes for this news story.)

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