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Stop the Blasphemy of the Ramayana

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The Proud Hindu Community Worldwide


Stop the Blasphemy of the Ramayana



Our Fellow Hindus Worldwide


Cc: Shri Atal Beehary Vajpayee, Prime Minister of the Republic of India

Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Home Minister, Republic of India

Shri Pravin Togadia, President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council)

Shrimati Sushma Swaraj, Information and Broadcast Minister, Republic of India

Shri Venkayah Naidu, President, Bharatya Janata Party, India

Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat State, India

Shri Bal Thackeray, Shiv Sena Supremo



GS Entertainment must be prevented from desecrating the Ramayana


Dear Hindu Brothers and Sisters:


As unbelievable as it may sound, it appears that the Bollywood actor Salman Khan has decided to openly challenge Hindus around the world by his bid to make a movie on one of the most glorious episodes of our history, the Ramayana, in which, he himself is going to play the role of Lord Ram, despite his extremely controversial attitude and behavior and despite being a person of Islamic faith. To add insult to injury, this movie is also going to feature his brother Sohail Khan as Lord Lakshman and a Hindu actress in the role of Mother Sita. This news has shocked and outraged Hindus across the world and many of them have urged religious groups such as HinduUnity.Org to take up this issue on their behalf and see to it that Salman Khan and his company GS Entertainment is not allowed to humiliate Hindus any further.


Who is Salman Khan?


For those of our brothers and sisters who are unaware of the controversies surrounding this indecent character, we wish to take a few moments to enlighten you and elaborate on how the portrayal of our beloved Lord Shri Ram Chandra by this man will make a mockery of everything we Hindus hold sacred. Some of our concerned brethrens have rightly suggested that that he may be purposefully attempting to debase and defile our Lord Ram by his associating himself with Him. Hindus cannot allow someone, who condones the murder of innocent people, sexual perversion, and violence against women, drugs, drunkenness and absence of respect for animals, to be linked to our Lord in any way.


Throughout his career as an actor, Salman Khan has exhibited a troubling hostility towards Hindus and in particular towards Hindu women. His most famous victims include former Miss World and actress Aishwarya Rai who has suffered so much harassment from this psychopath that her father had to seek police protection for her. On one of those Filmfare Awards Nights, he is known to have sexually assaulted Aishwarya in front of several people [Attachment 1]. On another occasion, an inebriated Salman barged into Aishwarya Rai's house, smashing windowpanes and destroying furniture in presence of Rai's parents. Salman’s mental instability has been in the news ever since the actress attended a film awards function in Mumbai with a fractured arm and a black eye a couple of years ago [Attachment 2].


Salman also displays a racist's contempt for Hindus and frequently, as a matter of personal pride, professes himself to be a descendant of the ‘great’ Genghis Khan, who murdered millions of Hindus during his invasions of Afghanistan. Well, he proved once more that he had lost none of the cruel ‘touch’ of his ancestors when on a film-shooting trip to Rajasthan, he injured an endangered black buck and afterwards chopped off its head with a knife [Attachment 3]. To make matters worse, black bucks are known to be particularly sacred to Bishnoi Hindus who have also suffered immensely under the same Islamic Rulers from who Salman Khan professes to descend [Attachment 4].


Moreover, the favorite ‘bimbo’ of the Islamic mafia in Bollywood is currently under investigation by the Police for this involvement in money laundering and extortion. Indeed, the Mumbai Police has revealed that they are in possession of taped conversations between Salman Khan and two notorious mafia dons, Chhota Shakeel and Abu Salem who are suspected to have links with the Al Qaeda terrorist network [Attachment 5]. Salman Khan & father Salim Khan were also recently questioned by the Income Tax Department about the illegal payments they received from underworld for shows abroad, a matter which came to light when their house were raided and material were found which indicated that they received those payments [Attachment 6]. He has also been implicated by the police in the killing of the deeply religious Hindu businessman Gulshan Kumar. Police hinted that this murder may have been more than just a matter of extortion but in fact, more of a communally-motivated hate crime by the Islamic mafia against a successful Hindu entrepreneur [Attachment 7].


A few months ago, a drunken Salman rammed his car into a bakery in Bandra, Mumbai killing one person and injuring four. Police have confirmed that Salman Khan does not have a valid driver’s license and that he has been booked under section 304 (A) of the Indian Penal code for which the sentence is rigorous imprisonment for three years [Attachment 8].


Why should Salman Khan not be allowed to play Lord Ram in the movie?


We believe that if someone has been involved in the kind of deeds listed above, then irrespective of whether this actor is a Hindu, a Jew, a Sikh, a Christian, a Muslim or of any other faith, he/she has no moral right to represent any divinity in any movie.


But even if we were to forget about this person’s past for a moment, we still can’t understand why non-Hindu actors and Hindu actresses are being chosen for the main cast in spite of the fact that the Ramayana is a Hindu religious text and in spite of the fact that this movie being produced in India, for a primarily Hindu audience. However, what takes the cake is that given the well-known history of hostility of Muslims towards Hindus, they have still chosen two Muslim actors to represent our Lords Shri Ram and Shri Lakshman and a Hindu actress to represent Mother Sita. Is this not a deliberate challenge to Hindus and a well-planned attempt to humiliate us? Did the producer not find one Hindu male in a population of at least 400 million Hindu males to play the role of Shri Ram? Is this clearly not an attempt to insult Mother Sita by portraying her as the wife of a Muslim? In fact, we strongly believe that the pseudo-secularism brigade in Bollywood have purposefully selected a Muslim to play the role just to hit at all the self-respecting and proud Hindus of this world. This is yet another calculated move to insult Hindus just like the recent abduction of the Hindu housewife Kanchan Mishra in Bihar and the mass rape of 12 Hindu women in a madrassa in West Bengal.


It is our firm conviction that Muslims have no business messing around with our religion. It’s not because they have been allowed to stay back in India after partition that they feel they have a right to malign our Hindu religion too. Why does Salman Khan not make a movie about the life of his prophet the ‘great’ Mohammed instead and use a Hindu to play the role? Are Hindu Gods considered so cheap by Mr. Salman Khan that they can be represented by an immoral and indecent character like him? Being mentally sick is not wrong in itself, but trying to impersonate the gods of other people while being aware of this fact is a clear attempt to provoke others with similar beliefs. This type of stunt could seriously undermine the confidence of the Hindu youth; having their role model and spiritual guardian being played by a Muslim of loose morals.


Moreover, we firmly believe it would be utterly cruel and unfair to the families of our numerous Hindu brothers and sisters killed by Muslims in the last few years, to allow their beloved Lord Shri Ram Chandra, the very Ram for which their loved ones sacrificed their lives, to be impersonated by one of those who took their happiness away. Many of our sisters who have been victims of Muslim rapists would never forgive us if we permit such a thing to happen. We cannot allow our sisters to mentally go through their ordeals again while watching Salman Khan playing Lord Ram on screen. Would Americans not have protested if Hollywood was making a movie with a Muslim playing the role of Jesus Christ just after 911? And we Hindus have had so many "911s" during the last two years.


Some of our brothers and sisters have suggested that the real intention behind the casting of Salman Khan to play Lord Ram is not only to humiliate Hindus. No one will make such an obviously calculated move, just to see that the Hindus are humiliated. The real intent is to dilute the Hindutva wave sweeping the country today. By portraying a Muslim as Lord Ram, the makers want to pull the gullible Hindus who are in half a mind about the Ram Temple, towards the secular side, away from Hindutva. And not any Muslim, here we have a Muslim who is hated by perhaps any Hindu in his right mind. People will then also start superimposing the character of Lord Ram on this idiot. Remember how people even fell to the feet of Nitish Bharadwaj, Deepika and Arun Govil as they would if the real Krishna, Ram and Sita would come. But they were all Hindus and more importantly respectable members of our society. It will not be long before this monkey starts campaigning for the congress or at least against the BJP.


Through this film, the message will invariably be passed that there is no difference between a Hindu and a Muslim, and that, by inference, the temple is a non-issue. It may be also a well-thought attempt by the Islamic Mafia controlling Bollywood to counter the growing Hindu political activism towards the restoring of the Ram Temple destroyed by Muslim Invaders and more so in the light of ground-breaking fiindings by the Archeological Society of India. As remarked by one of our brothers, “Whenever I say Jai Shri Ram during my prayers, I really don't want Salman Khan’s face coming up in my mind and spoiling my Bhakti.”


As a matter of fact, to allow a Muslim to play the role of Lord Ram is like allowing a neo-Nazi to play the role of Abraham in a movie. The Hindu holocaust victims deserve our respect and remembrance just as it is done by the Jews for the victims of the Jewish holocaust [Attachment 9]. Moreover, how can a Muslim be allowed to play this role of Shri Ram given all the hate contained in their sacred book the Koran against Kafirs? Why should we accept this when Indian Muslims are categorically refusing to delete the offending portions of the Koran as demanded by the VHP [Attachment 10]? By their refusal, they are indirectly agreeing to what the Koran says about Kafirs and in such a situation, we cannot allow a practicing Muslim to play our Lord.


Furthermore, Hindu culture considers the cow to be sacred and it is an age-old Hindu custom not to consume beef. To allow someone who indulges in beef consumption to impersonate our Lord is not just a mark of ignorance but seemingly a deliberate attempt to denigrate Hindu culture and Hindus around the world. Moreover, his knowledge of our religion is too scanty for him to be allowed to represent nearly one billion Hindus. The fact that GS Entertainment has chosen to include such a blasphemous character in this movie means that this company might be knowingly, willfully and intentionally hurting the sentiments of Hindus around the world.


It is obvious that this new tactic is part of an image-boosting strategy by Salman Khan and his associates and also to distract attention from news items such as the murder/terrorism/harassment/poaching charges filed against him in the courts. Unfortunately in doing so, he is shamelessly making an abusive use of our sacred Ramayana and exploiting the benevolence and tolerance of Hindus. If Hindus do not take action against such things, then we are passively accepting this denigration of our religion.


We are here to tell people that we Hindus are looking for more respect and love, and less ridiculing of each other's faith and we are praying that Salman Khan and GS Entertainment stop ridiculing Hindus and Hinduism in the world.


We wish to let our Hindu brothers and sisters know that among our objectives is to liberate the Indian film-making industry from the disproportionate influence of the islamic mafia operating mainly from Karachi and Dubai.


We therefore demand an immediate ban on the making of this movie because it is clearly being made to insult the religious sentiments of Hindus. We condemn GS Entertainment’s careless attitude towards our religion. We feel more than justified in asking the authorities not to give the green light to Salman Khan’s movie and ask him to extend an apology to the Hindu community for this inconsiderate act. The Information and Broadcasting Minister, Shrimati Sushma Swaraj, should take steps to stop the shooting of the movie.


We urge all Hindus to sign this petition and to register their protest strongly and unequivocally until the authorities decide to act. After all, Hindus around the world can hardly be silent spectators while the God they worship so passionately is being denigrated.




The Undersigned





Attachment 1: Salman Khan sexually assaults Hindu Actress and Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai on Filmfare Awards Night


Salman has always been known for his foul temper. And whenever drunk, this moody actor has always got more aggravated in public and created a “tamasha”. Like he did this weekend at the Filmfare Awards night. Salman was already drunk when he entered the venue.


On seeing Aishwarya, who was seated on the first row, he went there and forced the person next to her to vacate the seat for him. After that he tried to talk to her but when he saw she was ignoring him completely, he put his hand around her forcibly and kissed her in front of everybody. By then, Aishwarya was visibly shaken up and embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.


Press photographers tried to photograph them together and Aishwarya did her best to stay away from their frame. But Salman kept getting closer to her despite her growing irritation. After a while, when she was called to go on stage to present an award, he insisted that he would accompany her. Aishwarya changed her mind altogether and didn’t go on stage as she didn’t want the drunk actor to misbehave on the dais.


But her decision only worsened his temper and he started shouting at her loudly for all to hear. After that, Aishwarya was very upset and Preity Zinta came and sat with her to cheer her up. Aishwarya was so embarrassed by the public tamasha that she was the only actress who didn’t attend the after-party held at the Marriot Hotel. In fact, she went home in tears.



Attachment 2: Inebriated Salman barged into Aishwarya Rai's house, smashing windowpanes and destroying furniture in presence of Rai's parents!!


The latest is on the Mumbai cops ticking him off for mentally and sexually harassing former Miss World Aishwarya Rai. The latter’s father, Krishnaraj Rai had filed a police complaint stating that Salman had threatened the family and that none of the Rais should be held responsible for any untoward incident or accident involving the actor.


On one occasion, Salman rammed his car into Aishwarya’s stationary vehicle and on another, knocked down the front door of her residence. Krishnaraj lodged the police complaint after an inebriated Salman barged into his house, smashing some windowpanes and destroying furniture.


Salman’s father, Salim Khan initially tried to dismiss these reports as "gossip". Later, he went on record to say that "Salman may have done a few things in an emotionally-charged state.


The Aishwarya Rai – Salman Khan relationship, which started on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, has been in the news when the actress attended a film awards function in Mumbai with a fractured arm and a black eye a couple of years ago.


He was also caught on camera beating up journalists covering his appearance in a case involving foreign exchange earnings from a stage show abroad. Earlier on, he had been jailed for shooting a black buck during the filming of Sooraj Barjatya’s Hum Saath Saath Hain, in Rajasthan.



Attachment 3: Salman Khan injured endangered black buck and chopped off its head with a knife


Jodhpur, April 21 The driver of a jeep which film star Salman Khan used for hunting blackbucks, submitted before a local court that Mr. Khan killed the animal first injuring it with a bullet and then chopping off its head with a knife in Mathania near here on September 28, 1998.


Deposing before the court of city Judicial Magistrate SK Mathur on Sunday, the driver Harish Dulani who was employed by a film unit during shooting here said Khan fired the shots from the jeep and chopped off the neck of an injured black buck.


Khan, main accused in the killing of black bucks and chinkaras here in September-October 1998, was arrested and released after five days after securing bail in various cases including possessing and using illegal weapons. Prominent film personalities including Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bindre, Tabu and Neelam are among the eight accused in the case.


Recalling the sequence of events, Dulani told the court that on the fateful day around 10 P.M. He drove Khan, a spot boy Dinesh Gawre and a travel agent Dushyant Singh from Umed Bhawan Palace, where they were staying during the shooting of 'Hum Saath Saat Hain', to the bungalow of a former Maharaja's step brother Tutu Banna, in the Gypsy bearing registration number RJ-19-IC-2001.


The travel operator got off at the bungalow and three persons including one Om Singh and one Pratap boarded the jeep which then set off for a horse farm near Mathani with two guns, a search light and a pair of binoculars.



Attachment 4: Black bucks are known to be particularly sacred to Bishnoi Hindus


...."Bishnoi is an offshoot of Jainism," Thapar continued, "which teaches that all nature's creations have a right to life. This belief reached its apotheosis in 1778 when 294 men and 69 women laid down their lives to protect the khejri tree. A senior officer of Jodhpur state arrived to cut down the trees, which were needed for burning lime. The first to challenge him was a woman, who hugged one of the trees and was promptly decapitated. Her three daughters followed suit and were also axed. Many others followed. This mass slaughter led to a royal order that prohibited the cutting of any tree in a Bishnoi village."....


...A further tension is that the Khan surname tends to indicate descent from the Islamic rulers who conquered and dominated Rajasthan for more than 700 years with frequent bloody displays of hunting prowess and animal sacrifice. The Bishnois assumed their roles as protectors of wildlife in nonviolent resistance to the excesses they saw after the consolidation of the Mogul Empire in 1526...


More about this issue from http://www.animalpeoplenews.org/98/11/hunting.11.98.html



Attachment 5: Police in possession of taped conversations between Salman Khan and two notorious mafia dons, Chhota Shakeel and Abu Salem.


The Mumbai Police on Thursday charged Bollywood actor Salman Khan, with maintaining ties with the underworld.


In support of their claim, the Mumbai police said they had taped conversations between the actor and two notorious mafia dons, Chhota Shakeel and Abu Salem.


"We have these taped conversations which clearly indicate Khan discussing with these two dons about certain Bollywood issues," said reports quoting a police official.


Police hinted that they might use the tapes against Khan if he refused to cooperate with them in a case against film financer Bharat Shah, who is in custody for his links to the underworld.


"Khan is one of the witnesses in the case. If he turns hostile we would then use these tapes against him," the official added.


The police said Khan could be given the same treatment as actor Sanjay Dutt. Tapes were released several weeks ago in which Dutt and Shakeel - the hitman of Karachi-based underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahim - were heard discussing a possible murder of a Bollywood star.


The police official said Khan spoke on telephone to both Shakeel and Abu Salem, who was detained last month in Portugal.


Salman is free on bail of only Rs 950 after crashing his Toyota Land Cruiser last Saturday in Bandra, killing one and injuring three others.


Police have said Khan was driving under the influence of alcohol and informed the press on Thursday he may not have a valid driver's license.


"On Saturday itself when the police asked him for his license, the actor was unable to produce it. He has not produced it until now," Mumbai joint police commissioner said.



Attachment 6: Salman Khan & father Salim Khan received illegal payments from underworld for shows abroad


Actor Salman Khan along with his father, Salim Khan was Thursday questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in Bombay for the second time this month in connection with the payments received by the actor from his stage shows abroad.


"The ED had summoned the father-son duo to seek clarifications from them in connection with the payments received by Salman from foreign shows," ED sources said.


The Income Tax department had raided his house last year and came across material which indicated that he received payments from abroad.


Both Salman and Salim Khan were in the ED's south Bombay office for over three hours, the sources said.


Earlier, Salman was questioned by the ED on May 16.


In order to avoid a possible repeat of the actor's scuffle with photo journalists when he had come to the ED office the previous time, Salman made his exit from the rear side of the office.



Attachment 7: Salman Khan involved in Gulshan Kumar's murder


In June 1997, Nadeem-Shravan -- the musical duo whose compositions include the soundtracks for Dhadkan and Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya -- played host at a magnificent gala at the Hotel Royal Empire.


Among their guests were actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Also present were Mohammad Ali Hussain Shaikh and Rauf Dawood Merchant, who conspired there, at the behest of boss Abu Salem, to kill producer Gulshan Kumar. (Rediff, June 2001)


Nadeem Saifee fled to Britain in 2001 to avoid questioning; Salman Khan was interrogated by police on the matter, and is actually involved in another mob-related case pending against Bharat Shah, producer of Khan's film Chori Chori Chupke Chupke -- the making of which was temporarily stalled due to the financier's arrest for his underworld connections. ( News Service Jan. 25, 2001)


More evidence from www.hinduunity.org/articles/islamicmafia/mafiaterronet1.html


... Was it simply because Gulshan Kumar did not give in to this nefarious plan, that his body lay riddled with bullets in front of the Temple steps in Mumbai that day?


Hardly. As the details began trickling in, it became apparent that the plot to kill Gulshan Kumar had been hatched on June 12 at Dubai when a galaxy of Indian stars participated in the opening of a luxury hotel owned by Vivek Goswami a narcotics dealer linked to Chota Rajan another underworld non-resident Indian don.


As investigations continued, more rivalries began surfing. Ramesh Taurani - owner of Tips another rival to Super Cassette, was identified as an associate of Dawood Ibrahim's gang. The investigation led the police to interview filmstars Salman Khan, Pooja Bhat and Shravan among others.


Bollywood's links with Mumbai's underworld were always known. But the extent of its involvement with the Islamic Mafia became apparent only after Gulshan Kumar's death, a man who was murdered simply because he was a Hindu success story.


"When the underworld approaches you, you cannot refuse.", these were the chilling words of Nadeem Saifee, the main accused in the Gulshan Kumar murder case...



Attachment 8: Salman Khan rammed into a bakery, killing one person and injuring four


Mumbai (Sept 30):Film actor Salman Khan's assertion that he was not on the driver's seat when his car rammed into a bakery, killing one person and injuring four others on Saturday, may not help him with eye-witness accounts giving a contrary version, police sources said on Monday.


The police has recorded statements from various sources that contradict Salman Khan's statement that police bodyguard Ravindra Patil was driving the vehicle which crashed into the bakery.


Patil himself told the police that Salman was driving the Toyota Land cruiser.


One of the victims told the police that he saw Salman getting down from the driver's seat. The police have refused to disclose the name of the witness, saying the case was under investigation.


Reacting to Salman's allegation, Patil told a section of the media that he did know driving.


According to Patil, he was escorting Salman on that ill-fated day along with the actor's cousin Kamal Khan and driver Altaf. When they were returning home after attending a party in a hotel, Altaf was in the driver's seat.


Salman, however, decided to halt at a five-star hotel to meet someone and returned after 15 minutes. Thereafter, the actor himself took to the wheel and was driving at 70 km per hour.


According to Patil, the actor looked back to talk to him and lost control of the vehicle. He swerved the vehicle to avoid an electric pole and dashed into the bakery, Patil said.


Salman in a police statement had denied that he was driving the vehicle and also refuted allegations that he was under the influence of alcohol. However, the medical report of the alcohol test, to which the actor was subjected after his arrest, has proved positive.


The actor has been booked under section 304 (A) for which the sentence is rigorous imprisonment for three years.



Attachment 9: The Hindu Holocaust


From http://www.hinduholocaustmuseum.com


The contemporary French writer François Gautier has said, "The massacres perpetuated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks; more extensive even than the slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading Spanish and Portuguese."


From http://www.rediff.com/news/2001/apr/30franc.htm


'Unlike the Jewish holocaust,' writes again Vyas, 'the exact toll of the Hindu genocide suggested by the name Hindu Kush is not available. However the number is easily likely to be in millions.' A few known historical figures can be used to justify this estimate. Encyclopaedia Britannica recalls that in December 1398 AD, Taimurlane ordered the execution of at least 50,000 captives before the battle for Delhi; likewise, the number of captives butchered by Taimurlane's army was about 100,000 . Encyclopaedia Britannica again mentions that Mughal emperor Akbar 'ordered the massacre of about 30,000 captured Rajput Hindus on February 24, 1568 AD, after the battle for Chitod, a number confirmed by Abul Fazl, Akbar's court historian.' Afghan historian Khondamir records that during one of the many repeated invasions on the city of Herat in western Afghanistan, which used to be part of the Hindu Shahiya kingdoms '1,500,000 residents perished.'


Why does not the Government of India tell Indian children about the Hindu genocide?



Attachment 10: Excerpts from “What Price of an Edited Islam” by Sudhakar Raje


If the “violent” verses can produce the fundamentalism that today plagues the world in general and India in particular, ones, even if far outnumbered, teach tolerance, and, in the process, foster a catholic, secular outlook in matters religious?


Recently the Vishwa Hindu Parishad called for the elimination of some 24 anti-polytheistic (anti-idol-worshipping Hindu) verses of Koran and Hadiths.


The VHP as made this suggestion in the expectation that such elimination could help foster a better relationship between Hindus and Muslims.


But doing so would amount to amending-even editing-the Koran, and would he condemned as blasphemous. For Islam is one of the Semitic Religions of the book, and for followers of the Book what is contained in it is sacrosanct and immutable.


So the contents must remain untouched for all time…


More from http://www.hvk.org/articles/0103/1.html







The Undersigned

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Guest guest

How can a drunk and mentally challenged man like salman khan try to act the role of Lord Ramachandra.

The man has no regard for the consequences of his stupid and crazy actions, he thinks he is cool and liked by the fans but he is going to far in this latest act of controversy.

It is good that they want to make a Ramayan film but they want to do it for the wrong reasons. Doing something for the Lord should not be for self glory! or for money. it should be for the Lord's pleasure.

This man has gone too far!


Jai shree krishna

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