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Scientific knowledge in ancient India

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"....then why didn't ancient Hindus use the knowledge to build jet planes during ancient times? Why wait for Wilbur and Oliver Wright to fly the first planes, Einstein to discover theory of relativity, Newton to discover the laws of motion, Marconi to invent wireless communications?? Is it possible to win noble prizes by reading the srimadh bhagavatam?"


You've been indoctrinated by Western thinking. It's their cultural imperialist attitudes that kept them from progressing very far for a long time. They had narrow minds and considered Indians to be savages. How are they supposed to take any real knowledge from them, especially when it comes to scripture? To them it's all pagan nonsense, the devil's work, nothing more.


Besides that, availability of materials back then is different from the availability of materials now. We don't actually know whether ancient India had any such technology, but they at the very least had great imagination, and had very advanced concepts of space and time. The theory of relativity was discovered by Einstein for the MODERN AGE. It wasn't the first time humans have ever discovered relativity. Knowledge is often lost, and often people have to start from the beginning. India had atomist theory back then. Yet, it took the West a long time to even start thinking in terms of atoms in comparison. India was familiar with plastic surgery techniques even if they might not have been refined as they are now. The concepts were there, the applications might not have been great enough due to resources.


And there are accounts of flying machines in scriptures, however there's no evidence to point to it being fact. But the concept at the very least is still there.


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