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Limitless light The teachings of the demoniac mayavada in the universal history.

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there is another option. Suppose they wanted to scare us away from thinking that ultimately we are God, and no one is eternally superior to us. That can also be seen as a type of hell because it removes the possibility of having a loving relationship with Krsna.

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A soul that does not cross from the world of maya to the world of light will still be in material bondage. Only through allowing the supreme personality of Godhead to direct the journey will the soul achieve Brahman. This world is filled with pitfalls designed to distract from devotion. If guidance from maya to light is not accepted then the soul won't free itself.

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1. Sri Gopa-kumara said: Wandering alone as I lived in the forest,

when I saw the beauty of that land,

a beauty never before seen,

I forgot everything as if I were under a spell.

. Srila Sanatana Gosvami explains that this statement shows

that the land of Vraja is more glorious than any other place in the material or spiritual worlds.

Its beauty is so great it made Gopa-kumara completely forget the realm of Vaikuntha.

2. Playfully wandering, I came to the beautiful city of Mathura.

From the brahmanas there I heard Srimad-Bhagavatam and other scriptures.

3. After learning from them the nine-fold devotional service, I came to this forest and suddenly saw my exalted guru.

4. He was glorious as before.

Seeing me bowing before him, he, who knew everything,

happily blessed me, embraced me, and gave me his mercy.

5. I attained his mercy.

He revealed great secrets.

As he taught me, I practiced the yoga of devotional service.

6. Soon I was overcome with a flood of love.

I could not do anything. I could only chant the holy names.

7. "O Sri Krsna! Gopala! Hari! Mukunda! Govinda! O son of Nanda! Krsna! O son of Yasoda!

Life of the gopis! Lord of Radhika! Please be kind!"

. Srila Sanatana Gosvami explains that these ten names of the Lord are especially dear.

8. Singing these words, again and again I called out to the Lord.

Sometimes dancing, and sometimes crying out as a madman,

I wandered here and there,

forgetting my own body and everything else.

9. Once I saw the Lord of my life before me.

Running to grasp Him, I fainted and fell,

overcome with love.

10. At that moment the Lord's associates came to bring me to Vaikuntha.

I entered their airplane.

Regaining consciousness, I restlessly moved my eyes to and fro.

11-12. Seeing everything changed,

I was filled with wonder.

I was comforted when I saw at my side the dear friends I had seen before. Eclipsing the splendour of the most splendid things, they were now riding on an incomparable, supremely splendid, indescribable beautiful airplane.

. Srila Sanatana Gosvami explains that the dear friends here are the Lord's Vaikuntha associates he had met before.

13. I respectfully bowed before them.

They embraced me and again and again reassured me.

With a hundred reasons they wished to give me a form like theirs.

. Srila Sanatana Gosvami explains that they wished to give him a four-armed form. "A human form is not appropriate in Vaikuntha. In such a form you will not be happy there", is an example of one of the reasons they gave.

14. I did not accept. Instead, my own form,

which has been born on Govardhana Hill,

attained spiritual qualities like theirs.

. Srila Sanatana Gosvami explains that Gopa-kumara did not accept the sarupya-mukti they offered. Instead, his own form became eternal, splendid and filled with the same spiritual attributes as theirs.


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15-18. Travelling with them to Vaikuntha on a blissful, inconceivable, supernatural path, I became embarrassed when I glanced at the different planets and the coverings of the universe. With folded hands and bent heads, the rulers of the planets eagerly worshipped me with showers of flowers. As they praised me with words of "Glory!" and as they bowed before me at every step,

I saw insignificant impersonal liberation before me,

and then, going above it,

went to Sivaloka.

19. I happily bowed down before Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati.

With a network of affectionate, respectful, and kind words, he delighted me.

Then I went to Vaikuntha,

which is garlanded with glories

beyond the reach of the mind and words.


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