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Ganga Maa

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Jay Maa Ganga!


Dear friends,

does anyone of you have a Ganga arati text?

It is so beautiful prayer! I would like to learn it

by heart but I can not find its text anywhere.

I would be very thankful if someone could post it here.



ys. Add

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Guest guest


Thank you very much for that link but unfortunately it is not the mantra I am looking for. I am searching for the text of mantra which bramanas and other people chant every morning and evening arti at Ganga banks in Rishikesh or HariDvar.




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Guest guest

Sri Gangaa Stotram


Devi Sureshwari Bhagavati Gange

Tribhuvana Taarini Tarala Tarange

Shankara Mouli Vihaarini Vimale

Mama Matiraastaam Tava . Kamale


Bhaagiirathi Sukha Daayini Maatah

Stava Jala Mahimaa Nigame Khyaatah

Naaham Jaane Tava Mahimaanam

Paahi Kripaamayi Maamajnam


Sri Gangaa Aarati


Om Jaya Gange Mataa

Mayya Jaya Gange Maataa

Jo Nara Tumako Dhyaataa ( 2x )

Mana Vaanchita Phala Paataa

Om Jaya Gange Maataa


Chandra Sii Jyoti Tumhaarii

Jala Nirmala Aataa

Mayya Jala Nirmala Aataa

Sharana Pade Jo Terii ( 2x )

So Nara Tara Jaataa, Om Jaya.......


Putra Sagara Ke Tare

Saba Jaga Ko Jnataa

Mayya Saba Jaga Ko Jnaataa

Kripaa Drishti Tumhaarii ( 2x )

Tribhuvana Sukha Daataa, Om Jaya......


Eka Hi Baara Jo Terii

Sharanaagata Aataa

Mayya Sharanaagata Aataa

Yam Kii Traasa Mitaakara ( 2x )

Parama Gatii Paataa, Om Jaya......


Aarati Maata Tumhaari

Jo Koyi Nara Gaataa

Mayya Jo Koyi Nara Gaataa

Daasa Vohii Sahaja Mea

Bhakta Vohii Sahaja Mea

Mukti Ko Paataa, Om Jaya......



Karpuura Gauram Karunaavataaram

Samsaara Saaram Bhujagendra Haaram

Sadaa Vasantam Hridayaara Vinde

Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namaami



Bol Gangaa Maya Ki Jay

Namah Parvati Pataye Hara Hara Mahadev


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Guest guest

Dear Friends,


If anyone could post English translation of Ganga Arati, I would be extremely grateful.


Thank you in advance.


Kind Regards,


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