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Where are the original Vedas being kept?

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Where are the original Vedas being kept?



The original Vedas are eternally present in the ethereal space as shabda. All written forms of the Vedas are products of very recent times. At most you may find manuscripts dating from a thousand years in some of the royal libraries. Even among the written manuscripts, there are dozens of versions for each text. This may be due to a number of reasons, the most common being faulty transcription or variation according to the branch (shaka) of the text. There are various branches, each propagated by a particular Rishi, which sometimes contain minor variations in the text. This is not a fault, but revelation of a different aspect of the eternal shabda. The Vedic recitations are unlimited, although they may be classified under a limited number of headings or books. The Vedas are shabda-brahma, or the absolute truth in sound. According to the time, place and circumstances, a Rishi may realize a certain portion of the eternal sound, and pass it down to his disciples. Even today one may experience the recitation of the Vedic texts in the ethereal space through meditation and sadhana.


Yours in service,


Jahnava Nitai Das,

Bhaktivedanta Ashram &

Bhaktivedanta International Charities


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This is an important point in our Vedic culture and explains much controversy as to the historical dating of various Vedic writings. Oral and written tradition is not the only source of Vedic transmission of knowledge.


The akhasic record is still available to the truly advanced mystics and the caliber of the person writing down knowledge from this source verifies it's validity. But one needs to be vigilant to avoid both cheap imitations as well as malicious transmissions. After all, the vibrations in the ether can be of many origins...

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Guest guest

Respected Prabhu Ji

Please Accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

If it istrue that the vedas that we find now a days are noth the orignal ones then how do we understand that they are authentic and convey the same message as wat Vyas dev had written

And does literature like Bhagwad Geeta which is highest authority for us also been written in recent times and not what was orignally stated by Srila Vyas Dev

I will be really grateful for the answers

Ur Servent


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Guest guest

I enjoy reading the Q/A session . Excellent way to keep up the freshness of spiritual life.


Q: Of the 5 basic truths in the Bhgavad Gita, whihc are eternal? Is kala, karma & prakrti also eternal? can you please explain?


Thanking you again for your service



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