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Bhakta Burfi and Stories of Humility

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Having read the "Oh My God 2" thread, I think we need something to lighten up the atmosphere.


A devotee is always very humble. Here is a story of three little devotees who taught humility to each other.



<font color="brown"> Bhakta Burfi and Stories of Humility


One day bhakta Burfi noticed that bhakta Laddu is not very humble. Guided by divine inspiration, bhakta Burfi got on the case of bhakta Laddu. "Hey Laddu, you are not humble at all!" Bhakta Laddu then promptly replied, "Hey Burfi, who'd ya think you are? Yourself you are not humble because you are finding fault in me! You should not be so proud, a Vaishnava is always humble, not a faultfinder like you!"


Bhakta Burfi couldn't restrain himself from educating bhakta Laddu on Vaishnava siddhanta proper and addressed him: "Hey Prabhu, you are really stupid. If you are not humble, how can you see if I am really humble or not?" Spiced up by bhakta Burfi's words, bhakta Laddu felt an urgent need to teach him some real practical humility.


Bhakta Sandesh then arrived on the scene and observed how bhakta Burfi and bhakta Laddu were about to enter into a punch-up. He then addressed them: "Hey you morons, why don't you make some use of your life. Be humble, don't always quarrel with each other!" Bhakta Burfi and bhakta Laddu then decided to teach bhakta Sandesh some humility too.


After they all enthusiastically kicked each other in the face with boots and were lying flat on the floor, the bhakta-leader, Trina Taru Das, came and picked them up, carrying them into their sleeping bags and saying "Good night, boys..." with an understanding, compassionate tone of voice. The next morning they had yet another class on the third verse of Sri Siksastakam.


And they lived happily everafter... </font color>



"Lighten up."

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The morale of the story is that each bhakta-ji thought they were the one to put the world in its place. They all had a bad attitude, a big log cast through their head, yet they hastily ran to remove the splinter from their brother's eye. And they had a big mouth on top of it all.


Therefore the tRNAd api-verse should be strung around the neck like a garland ornamenting the devotee.


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