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Tin Gosvami -- The Three Gosvamis

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Sri Raghunatha Das Gosvami, Sri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami and Sri Krishna Das Kaviraja Gosvami all disappeared from this world on the Sukla Dvadasi day of the month of Damodara during different years.


Fearful that the Moslem invaders would desecrate the sacred bodies of these saints, instead of being placed in a samadhi in the regular way, their bodies were cremated on the banks of Sri Radha Kund. Some of the ashes were left at this samadhi mandir which came to be known as Tin Gosvami Samadhi, the samadhi of the three Gosvamis. The rest of Sri Raghunatha Bhatta's ashes were buried in a samadhi at the Causathi Mahanta samadhi yard in Vrindavan, Sri Das Gosvami's ashes were buried in his samadhi mandir in the Gopinatha Mandir of Radha Kund, and Krishna Das Kaviraja's ashes were buried on the yard of the Radha Damodar Mandir.


During the three days to come before Purnima, we will be commemorating their disappearance days. I will be posting biographical accounts of them, starting with Sri Das Gosvami later on today. I apologize for not currently having the time to present them all today.

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