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US scientists study Indian's fasting feat


When a 64-year-old mechanical engineer of Gujarat, India went without food for 411 days, he provided some food for thought to American scientists.


Hira Ratan Manek survived only on boiled water and sunlight from January 1, 2000, to February 15, 2001, causing Americans to wonder if they could develop a technique to enable astronauts to go without food for long periods.


A team of eight US doctors and scientists, including an opthalmologist, a neurologist, an ayurveda expert, an acupuncture specialist, a yoga researcher and a psychiatrist is now examining him. Eminent neuroscientist George Brainard, whose research on the effects of light on the human pineal gland is funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is also in the team.


Mr Manek was invited to the US in June under ‘Project HRM’ to study his fasting technique. The team is studying ‘subtle energies’ under ‘Experiments with Solar, Thermal and Hydro Enegetics in Human Subjects’.


Currently at Wilmington, Delaware, Mr Manek has been fasting for more than two months and has established his genuineness, posing a challenge to conventional science and concepts about the limits of human tolerance to hunger.


“US doctors have completed the first part of the three-phase study, thoroughly examining his body with the latest equipment. The second phase of fasting is on,’’ said city-based neuro-physician Sudhir Shah, who has been appointed adviser and consultant to the US team.

A panel of 20 doctors headed by Dr Shah had monitored Mr Manek’s fast in Ahmedabad.


The panel also included general practitioners Prakash Doshi and P.G. Shah, surgeon K.K. Shah, endocrinologist Navnit Shah and neuro-radiologist Gargeya Sutariya. They had scanned his body with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) before and after the fast, in addition to a plethora of other tests.


He said the most amazing part of Mr Manek’s feat was that he was physically active and carried on all normal activities during his fast.

“On the 404th day of the fast, he climbed Palitana hill (to reach a Jain temple). And believe me, he was faster than many who were eating plenty,’’ he said.


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Today, Saturday, 31Aug2002, every single (or married) [or divorced] {or remarried} spirit soul in the form of:

Abolitionist, Aborigine, Accountant, Accuser, Accused, Advaitin, Afghani, Afrikan, Agnostic, Amerikan, Amway, Anthraxer, Anthropo-logist, Anthropo-morphist, Apache, Arab, Archaeo-logist, Architect, Archivist, Atheist, Attorney, Auditor, Australian, Austrian, Bailiff, Banker, Barker, Bartender, Bhakta, Bootlegger, BrAhmaNa, Buddhist, Cantor, Can't-Chanter, Capitalist, Cart-puller, Catholic, Chinese, Choreo-grapher, Christian, Cleaner, Coker, Communist, Conservative, Contractor, Cook, Crook, Dayal-Lama, Democrat, Demon, Dentist, Devotee, Doctor, Dominican, Doper, Drunk, Ecologist, Economist, Egoist, Egotist, Emancipator, Engineer, Entrail, Fakir, Fascist, Female, Fool, Foreigner, Fraud, Freak, Freedom-fighter, Freeloader, Gayblade, Geek, Ghost, Gnostic, Guilty, Guru, Gurukuli, Hare-Krishna, Hebrew, Holocauster, Home-attendant, Homeboy, Imbecil, Indian, Indicted, Individuist, Individualist, Indologist, Indonesian, Innocent, Inspector, Interferer, Janitor, Jew, Judge, Junky, Juror, Kartabhaja, Killer, Lawyer, Lender, Lesbian, Liable, Liar, Liberal, Libertarian, Lisboan, Loafer, Lobbyist, Loner, Loser, Markendeya, Masseur, Mechanic, Mohican, Monitor, Monk, Moocher, Moron, Muni, Murderer, Musician, Muslim, Narayanist, Narcissist, Narco, Native, Navaho, Nazi, Neophyte, Nerd, Nudist, Om-chanter, Optician, Organ, Organ-donor, Organist, Orthopedist, Pedaphile, Philanthropist, Philologist, Philosopher, Pianist, Piano-tuner, Preacher, Priest, Punk, Quasimoto, Quitter, Quizzer, Quoter, Rabbi, Referee, Republican, sAdhu, Saint, Sap, Sinner, Slaughterer, Slave, Socialist, Sophist, Sufi, Tirechanger, Toegewijder, Traveler, Trump, Undertaker, Upstart, Vermin, Violater, Winner, Wishful-thinker, Xavier, Xecutor, Xorcist, Yeoman, Yippy, Yodeller, Yo-man, Yuppy, Zachaly, Zachary, Zephyrist, Zeppelinist, Zookeeper, Zoroastrian... + all others...

should fast till midnight tonight (only once/year, special time) for World Peace & Spiritual Awakening. (ki jaya)


Gokula Taruni Mandala Mahite...


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