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Fast food veggie burgers.

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I saw this on PETA's website.It's progress for sure.I still won't go near a Burger King or any place like it, but hundreds of millions do.Now at least they will have a choice for a cruelty free lunch.




Last year, PETA held nearly 1,000 demonstrations at Burger King restaurants throughout North America, criticizing the fast-food giant for the cruel treatment of animals killed for its products. Now, PETA is urging activists to put down their protest signs and put on their bibs.





In June 2001, following PETA’s six-month campaign, Burger King agreed to hold its suppliers accountable for upgraded standards of animal welfare. Now, Burger King has become the first fast-food restaurant in America to add a veggie burger (already available in Europe and Canada) to all U.S. locations.


The “BK Veggie” includes a patty made of vegetables, grains, and spices, shredded lettuce, two tomato slices, and reduced-fat mayonnaise. It contains 330 calories and 10 grams of fat, including 2 grams of saturated fat. You can ask servers to hold the mayo (which will also cut 3 grams of fat) and have the burger microwaved in order to avoid contamination with animal products on the grill.


Veggie burgers are already available at most major restaurant chains, but Burger King has surged ahead of its fast-food competition with this move. PETA hopes that everyone will give the new BK Veggie a royal welcome.


Please write or call Burger King's CEO to thank him for the introduction of the veggie burger at his restaurants nationwide:


John Dasburg, CEO

Burger King Corporation

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr

Miami, FL 33126

Tel.: 305-378-3000


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I think they are trying the carrot and stick approach.Harrass them until they change and then reward them for changing.


At least the oppurtunity is there for some of their customers to buy cruel free food.Although I thought their article gave way to much credit to Burger King I think I see where PETA is coming from.


I would just as soon see them blown up frankly.But then another would just be built in its place.


Change comes way too slow for me, but a step in the right direction is still a step.If they find they can make money from soy burgers they will make more and kill less cows.


Jndas, I don't know how long you have been away from the US but when you see the place again you may be shocked to see how fat the people have become.Slobs man.How to educate them away from this type of eatting is a real challenge.Right now they are completely addicted to this garbage.Frankly it looks bleak.

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When I lived in England, where the little old ladies are spry and walk everywhere, I used to recognise American tourists on Oxford Street near the temple, not just because of their highly unflatteringly revealing tight polyester slacks (the women I;m talking about) but more because of their pear shaped bodies and strange thighs, and their bellies. I would wait for then to pass and their accents would verify this. A few years later, grand old architectural Oxford street had added the garish addition of a McDonad's. Peta jumped right in and fought a battle that they won after several years.

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