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Carlin Quiet or Cautious?

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George Carlin was guest on David Letterman tonight.

Following Yogi Berra's lead, Letterman concocted:

"It ain't Oprah till it's Oprah"

Before appearing Carlin was advised to avoid political topics.

Everyone knows Carlin could easily cite events & facts bringing down Bushy's ratings 20-30% within 7 minutes.

Instead Carlin drew from his peculiar/literal arsenal:

1) Next time you pass a Gift Shop, go in & ask for your gift.

2) When they say 1.6% population was not counted, how do they know?

3) If a stupid person becomes senile, how would we know?

4) If u had only one tooth, would u brush it for a long time?

5) My mother always used to say:

"If the shoe fits, get another one just like it."

6) George Washington's brother is the "Uncle of our Country".

7) Next time you're at a gunshop, order an automatic weapon.

Then ask if they have any ski-masks.

8) If u want to get rid of counterfeit cash, put in your Church collection.

They give it away to blind people.

Saving the most esoteric for last?

9) Some say the glass is half empty; others say the glass is half full.

I say the glass is too big.

Bonus - Between one & two Carlin challenged all flesh-eaters:

If u eat a chicken for lunch, then u eat another chicken for dinner,

ever wonder whether they knew each other?


Carlin will appear Saturday night 10pm? on HBO, 12th show?

If he whips into the White House, he may be arrested.

Or at least censored, as he was several times previously.

Free Speech: isn't it great!? (while it lasts)

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Carlin's 60min HBO show last night began with his usual outlandish criticism of our questionably peculiar, unconscious yet conditioned habits.

He was coasting along at his usual lightning speed.

Then he went deeper.

By 45min, he had deliberately dumped on every single ethnik or so-called religious group on Earth.

Ye he saved the best for last.

Some may protest at this next comparison.

It's not qualitative; it IS quantitative.

ThAkur Bhaktivinod gave us a reduced BhAgavatam in his BhAgavatArka Marici-mAlA

Condensed version.

Similarly (quant), Carlin reduced Moses' 10 commandments to 2.

10 to 2. With Bishop Tutu's help? I doubt it.

Carlin proceeded in great detail to explain what soon became obvious:

redundance w/i the original '10'.

Anyone else watch?



I thought he

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I used to appreciate his cutting humour far more. That show was mostly just gross! A few good fart jokes, for old farts like me, but otherwise he loked like an ignorant a..hole and proud of it.


Seems to be losing whatever class he might have had and pandering to the least intelligent. Might have gone over at a bar full of drunks or perhaps a rock concert...


[This message has been edited by valaya (edited 11-18-2001).]

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Ar first I thought the same.

I didn't like one part in which he was almost encouraging chidren not to respect their parents... unless they really earn that respect.

"amAninA manadena" was somewhat absent, at least verbally.

Alot of verbal violence.

Theurapeutic in a sense, innocence, in a sense.

Too many curse words per (certain) minutes/seconds for me.

Then again, if u know a little Hindi, you'd be shocked beyond comatose after overhearing 5 minutes of what is spoken in broad daylight throughout our Held-high Holiest dhAmas.

None of it turned me off completely.

Well maybe that olfactory rearend section.

Yet I knew, I had faith he'd end on a super high note & he did.

ParamAtma's in his heart; Catholic school wasn't all bad.

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