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3-Dog Night: Cheese & Liver

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Ujjval found this one.

3 dogs were chasing after one virgin doggette.

She said, "I can only accept one of you: the most intelligent."

Hmm. Let's see now. How's about a contest.

"Okay!" they replied in unison.

Whoever can make an interesting statement including the words cheese & liver, I'll mate with him.

With tongue hanging out, the Labrador Retriever offered:

"I hate cheese & liver."

The b!tch thought, then spoke: "Eh, not too smart."

The German Shepherd anxiously recited:

"I LOVE cheese & liver."

Somewhat disappointed, the b/tch replied: "Eh, not much better."

Feeling quite confident, the Mexican Chihuahua spouted out:

"Cheese mine; liver alone."

Which brings to mind our ongoing HarinAm Love It or Leave It debate.

Can HarinAm Street Chanting be contaminated by anything?

For example, Rtvik-sanga? Officiating Acarya-sanga?

If I'm chanting Panca-Tattva MahA-mantra next to a Rtvik, does that contaminate me? Him? Her?

Can Panca-Tattva MahA-mantra be contaminated, offensive?

I remember Priestess laughing so loud on VNN Forums at the ridiculous notion of 'Rtvik' HarinAm.

As if HarinAm could be designated 'Rtvik'.

You could hear that laughter roar cross-country, shattering the Gauranga couch-potato non-chanting hearts of so many posed as vaisnavas.

What's that u say? Not even spoiled by Anthrax?

Indeed, if 3 Dog Night showed up with these 3 dogs or any 3 mangy mutts howling along, that HarinAm Party would be all the more glorious.

Holy Name Glorification is never restricted to human species.


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