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Qualities of a Sadhu

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Re: Sadhu: all 28, more like 27, really 26...

Mon, Sep 10 2001 13:56


Keywords: ROFLOL!



Haribol Tarun! That is just TOO funny, prabhu! Hope you don't mind my posting this on Good Clean Jokes at indiadivine.


> From Tarun on Dharma-mela forum:

Hey, I can't believe it! All those qualities listed below: I have all 28!

> Amazing! Fantastic! I'm so advanced!

> Well, okay, 27. More like 26. Actually... 25. You could say 24. Strictly speaking 23. Most likely 22.

> At times 21. Most assuredly 20. Would you believe 19? How about 18? Shades of 17? Glimpses of 16? Shadows of 15?

> Working on 14? Thinking about 13. An even dozen would do. Elevate me to 11. Tell me I've 10. Denying 9? Estimating only 8?

> Not even 7?? Then 6. Jive 5? Hardly 4? Grant me 3. At least a pair! Hardly one?

> Well it's not my fault. It's not my fault at all, I tell you. It's theirs!

> It's Their adhidaivik mixed with other's adhibhautik that's always increasing my adhyAtmik.

> It's other people's tamogun and rajogun that's upsetting my sattvagun nature.

> Yeah, that's right. That's it. I'm tellin' you. Those 28, all of them are in there, in me somewhere.

> I'll find'em. I'll show'em to the world! You wait and see! Free from pride of course. (don't hold ya breath)



> > Shri Shri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah !!!

> >

> > The Supreme Lord ZrI KRSNa tells Uddhava about the qualities of SAdhus 11/11/29-31:

> >

> > "The following are the twenty eight qualities of SAdhus:

> > (1) compassionate and merciful (2) spite-less (3) truthful (4) dispassionate (5) clean externally and within (6) charitable (7) gentle (8) pure (9) akincana (has nothing to call his own except his devotion for Shri Hari, Gurudev and Vaishnavas) (10) universal benefactor (11) self-controlled (12) has absolute reliance on ZrI KRSNa - the essence of all qualities (13) free from selfish desire (14) harmless (15) firm in his faith in for ZrI Hari, Gurudeva and Vaishnavas (16) conqueror of sixfold miseries (hunger, thirst, misfortune, illusion, infirmity and death) (17) temperate in diet (18) watchful and cautious (19) respectful of others (20) without ego (21) wise (22) soft-hearted (23) grave (24) friendly to all (25) Intelligent (26) dexterous (27) intent in singing and dancing (in HarinAm SankIrtan) (28) not given to idle gossip

> >



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