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A man and a woman......

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A man and a woman were involved in a terrible car accident and both cars were totaled. They climbed from the wreckage and the woman stood in awe. "Our cars are demolished, yet we walk unharmed. This must be a sign from God that we are to be best friends for the rest of our lives" she spoke wisely.


"I agree completely, ma'am," the man replied.


The woman stepped closer to examine the damage and noticed something shiny within her car. Reaching in, she pulled out an unbroken bottle. "this bottle of wine wasn't even cracked. I think this is another sign that we are to drink a toast to our new friendship."


That's great idea, miss," the man answered taking the bottle from her. He popped the cork and drank his share.


"I'm sorry. How rude of me. Would you like some?"


"No thanks," came the reply. "I'll just wait on the cops to get here."


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