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Krishna consciousness

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I am interested to hear of experiences partaining to Krishna Consciousness. What is the true physical/mental/spiritual definition of Krishna Consciousness. Does it depend on the individual or are there certain underlying principles which can be recognized as being a genuine experience. Do the terms equilibrium, euphoria, wholeness, circular fit in the description of a genuine experience? Hare Krsna!!

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My idea so far (based on inputs from Srila Prabhupad's comments in BG) is that one of the main signs of Krishna consciousness is that one is steady through everything one does, giving it all up to Krishna. Here is one of the relevant verses I could find (there are more that relate to how one should remain steady through happiness and sadness, maybe someone else could pull that up).


5.8, 5.9

naiva kincit karomiti

yukto manyeta tattva-vit

pasyan srnvan sprsanjighrann

asnan gacchan svapan svasan


pralapan visrjan grhnann

unmisan nimisann api


vartanta iti dharayan



A person in the divine consciousness, although engaged in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, moving about, sleeping and breathing, always knows within himself that he actually does nothing at all. Because while speaking, evacuating, receiving, or opening or closing his eyes, he always knows that only the material senses are engaged with their objects and that he is aloof from them.


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The simple definition is to be always conscious of God. My hand belongs to God; therefore I move it only when it pleases Him, as it pleases Him.


Bhakti yoga means engaging the temporary body in the eternal pastimes of the soul: devotion to God.


For each of us there are three things that are eternal: God, our soul, and our devotion to God. These are all that matter.


We engage in some or all of the nine processes of eternal devotion until we have our devotion to God perfected. Then we will know perfectly our soul and God. This devotion continues eternally. It is who we are; what we were created to be - fully conscious of Krsna.


The nine processes that can be involved in the devotional service of God are as follows: hearing about God, chanting about God, remembering God (His form, pastimes and qualities), worshiping God, serving the lotus feet of the Lord, offering prayers to the Lord, carrying out the orders of the Lord, making friends with Him, and surrendering everything to Him.


The highest perfection of life is to enjoy life constantly in the association of the Lord, and one who can relish this does not aspire after any temporary enjoyment of the material world via other media.




Gary Stevason

Seeking the Kingdom of God <font color="#dedfdf">


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Guest guest


One of the last times Srila Prabhupada was video taped translating Srimad Bhagavatam before leaving his body he said, " Everything is going on by the will of God,this consciousness is Krsna consciousness".

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