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Krishna killed his 16.000 wives - CAN THIS BE TRUE?

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If you chose to marry an abusive, manipulating, lying wife, you probably have a moral defect that prevents you from recongnizing right from wrong.


A person who choses with discernment will not make a mistake. The basis for choosing a wife, a friend, an everyday companion (i.e. employee) is equality. Whenever there is inequality, the person who is or feels inferior will hate the person who has more bargaining power.


Any time you deal with a person with contempt, in your actions or in your word, you will stirr in that person feelings of hatred.


If you marry a more beautiful wife or a much younger one, because you are rich, she is forced to marry you for reasons of material coercion, and not for love. She will hate you subconsciously all her life. You will always feel insecure in your heart, because you used money and power to marry her.


In the same way, if you choose a friend who is, for monetary reasons, forced to agree with you and to follow you everywhere, and to prostitute his feelings, he will hate you. You may blind yourself to this fact, because you love flattery (defect) but the truth is that lying to yourself may eventually be detrimental to you. Eventually the hatred of your inferior 'friend' may materialize.


There can be NO FRIENDSHIP, NO LOVE when there is inequality. You cannot coerce a person to be your friend nor your lover. Mercantilism and bargaining power has no role in a personal relationship.

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