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taste, taste, taste

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“ ‘ When the seed of ecstatic emotion for Kåñëa fructifies, the following nine symptoms manifest in one’s behavior: forgiveness, concern that time should not be wasted, detachment, absence of false prestige, hope, eagerness, a taste for chanting the holy name of the Lord, attachment to descriptions of the transcendental qualities of the Lord, and affection for those places where the Lord resides-that is, a temple or a holy place like Våndävana. These are all called anubhäva, subordinate signs of ecstatic emotion. They are visible in a person in whose heart the seed of love of God has begun to fructify. ’


Whether " There are at me these symptoms? "


- "forgiveness"


-Hm, this is.


- concern that time should not be wasted


- And this is


- detachment, absence of false prestige


- I also am not adhered.


- a taste for chanting the holy name of the Lord


- Certainly.


- a temple or a holy place like Våndävana


- Already I move.


I as should develop manjari bhava, "ours" parampara. Top, taste, I want to test taste than more subjects better. Posted ImagePosted Image


Lord Caitanya there is no taste, but many already have developed him.


Not, not, prabhu - we TRY...... parampara Lord Caitanya.... manjari.... The taste, taste, taste is on sanskrit ruci, all is very authoritative, it is "ours" parampara.


Therefore all attempts of spiritual life around acaria doomed on complete "success". Constant success in development of love to the God. Posted Image


"That is called tato niñöhä rucis tataù, bhävaù, “Oh, Kåñëa is so exalted.” Sädhakänäm ayaà premëaù prädurbhäve bhavet kramaù. This is the step-by-step increasing perfection of Kåñëa consciousness. And when you are on the perfectional stage of Kåñëa consciousness, then your human life is perfect. This is Kåñëa consciousness movement."


"Then attachment. Instead of being attached to this material enjoyment, one becomes attached to Kåñëa consciousness. In this way, tato bhävaù. Then ecstasy. Then love of Kåñëa."


"So religious principle means you have to execute the preliminary formulas, but the ultimate end will be you’ll have spontaneous attraction for hearing about God or Kåñëa. That is wanted."


bhajan - vipralambha, bhajan not sambhoga.


Lord Caitanya has won many persons playing a role uttama adhikari, but as intelligence we have no, we therefore search all for the circuit, "is restrained" also main that correctly (yes, yes) moving on top.


"Our only duty is to please the Supreme Godhead (saàsiddhir hari-toñaëam). Whatever we do and whatever our occupation, our main purpose should be to please the Supreme Lord. "


"Real intelligent person is he who is satisfied what Kåñëa has given him: “If Kåñëa wants, He will give me more. Let me become Kåñëa conscious. Let me study about Kåñëa. Let me chant about Kåñëa. Let me hear about Kåñëa. Let me see with my eyes Kåñëa, the Deity Kåñëa. Let me engage my hands in worshiping Kåñëa, in cleansing the temple, my hands. Let my legs be engaged in going to the temple.” In this way all our senses should be engaged in the service of Kåñëa. That is our real business. Tasyaiva hetoù prayateta kovido na labhyate yad bhramatäm upary adhaù. Tasyaiva hetoù: “For that purpose only.”


Basically three categories are observed.


1) Those who almost nothing knows about the God and basically to know nothing wants (overwhelming majority)


2) Those who is rather advanced. Yes, yes.


3) Those who for the present has not advanced, but if will communicate with a category 2 that probably at last that will understand to whom it is necessary to serve. This category why that to see with whom to it(her) it can not is necessary to communicate. Posted Image And consequently do not move to maximum taste. Posted Image Probably it is their eternal nature to not be in " of a maximum, divine category ", but all who wants to be " of a maximum, divine category ", we invite.


The note-

HOW TO DEFINE(determine) a category 2? It is not difficult! Posted Image it is necessary to study most raised sastra and you easily will see who from a category 1 and who 2 grades.


It is so much many persons easily understood by 9 song SB and confidently absorbed love to the God. Bhava is similar they have reached(achieved), there was prema, a prime target, taste, taste, taste ....




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Taste is made by the TONGUE,

Hearing is made by the EAR,

Thinking is made by the MIND,

Procreating is through the

interaction of the Penis and

the Vagina.

Evacuating is done by the ANUS,

Breathing through the NOSE,

But feeling is in the HEART.

Taste therefore is insignifi-

cant when compared to feeling

within the heart!


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Taste is not used here as sensual experiance. Taste is used here as the experiance of heartfelt feelings that draw one deeper into love.BD


Q and A with Swami B.V. Tripurari


By nama sankirtana we will know the truth of Krsna bhakti. It's nature is

self-luminous. It will come to us. Chant Krsna nama nicely, practice

vaidhi-bhakti sincerely and aspire, 'I want to attain Vraja bhakti.' When I

was a young and inexperienced devotee living in New Dwaraka, someone

mistakenly told me 'You know most devotees go to Vaikuntha.' At the time I

didn't how to respond - but I cried. I thought, 'Vaikuntha! Krsna is not in

Vaikuntha! He who plays the flute, standing on the altar - I'm attached to

him. And you're telling me I'm going to Vaikuntha?' We should have this

kind of feeling: 'I want only Vraja lila.'


Q. How do we do that?


A. Ruci is the basis of spiritual identity. When you have ruci, you know

what to do. You follow the ruci, the taste. Follow the taste - this is the

ultimate pramana, or evidence. We hear about sastra pramana, but Caitanya

Caritamrta teaches that the real pramana is experience. And we know that as

a fact. We can hear sastra all day and night, but the only reason we are

here is that we got a little experience somewhere along the line and we

know 'it is not like anything else. I want this!'


I may know I am not qualified to go there now, but I will try to qualify

myself with all these practices and I will chant my mantram and think as

Jiva Goswami said, 'I want to go there, the place this mantra is talking

about.' And if we are sincere in our practice, that mantra will rise in our

heart like the sun and reveal Bhagavat-sambandha, our relationship with the

Lord. And then there will be no more questions like, 'How will I know? How

can I tell?' If we ask this question then it has not come yet.


And then as this love awakens the feeling comes that you want to share it.

This is the nature of love, to share. And as you start to share, you

realize, 'Oh I can't, not everyone shares the same feeling and they may

think I am crazy, saying 'Who are you to say that, that you are feeling

like this?'


So that ideal, that awakening in the heart, is a very high thing of course.

But it will come. It will come to the simple and sincere devotee. Try to be

a good devotee, not a great devotee and it will come. Serve the Vaisnavas

and when it comes, you will know it.


Q. And study scripture?


A. Yes, study the scripture. But for what? For doing bhajan, not for

collecting information to prove a point, to beat somebody over the head

with it. Such argumentation is not helpful at all for bhakti. It is

pratikula, unfavorable. So study sastra for bhajan. Let it speak to us of

what we need to do now, today, to make progress in Krsna's service. This is

what I mean by an open heart. Study sastra in that way, and practice.


Q. And preaching?


A. What comes to you, if you feel it is worth sharing, then share it. If

someone asks you a question, you answer honestly what you have understood.

And if people are attracted to that, then this is preaching.


You don't have to study for preaching, planning what to say, how to defeat

them, thinking, 'they're all demons, they have all rejected the right way,

they are this or that,' whatever ism or schism we are part of.


Find a verse that changes your heart. When your heart changes, preaching

will overflow, automatically. That kind of preaching will be compelling and

it will draw people in and it will draw down the mercy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu as well.


Questions or comments may be sent to Q&A Discussion Forum www.swami.org,

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Taste is made by the TONGUE,

Hearing is made by the EAR,

Thinking is made by the MIND,

Procreating is through the

interaction of the Penis and

the Vagina.

Evacuating is done by the ANUS,

Breathing through the NOSE,

But feeling is in the HEART.

Taste therefore is insignifi-

cant when compared to feeling

within the heart!


And where reason? When there is no reason nothing helps.

....So there are a lot of allies, so it is a lot of.


When one is above the directions of the Vedic ritualistic injunctions for attaining different allurements and is fully absorbed in transcendental thought, which means thought of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in devotional service, one is in the position called buddhi-yoga, or samädhi, ecstasy. For a person who has attained this stage, neither the Vedic activities for realizing material enjoyment nor those for renunciation are applicable.


Teñäà satata-yuktänäà bhajatäà préti-pürvakam, buddhi-yogaà dadämi tam. If you are actually seriously engaged in Kåñëa consciousness, then Kåñëa gives us intelligence how to approach Him. So pure devotional service is rarely achieved. But by chance, guru-kåñëa-kåpäya päya bhakti-latä-béja, if we somehow or other come in contact with bona fide guru and Kåñëa... Kåñëa is already there.


TEXT 191


vicära kariyä yabe bhaje kåñëa-päya

sei buddhi dena täìre, yäte kåñëa päya


vicära—consideration; kariyä—doing; yabe—when; bhaje—one worships; kåñëa-päya—at the lotus feet of Kåñëa; sei buddhi—that intelligence; dena—gives; täìre—to him; yäte—by which; kåñëa päya—one gets the shelter of the lotus feet of Kåñëa.


“Considering all these points, when one engages in the service of Kåñëa’s lotus feet, Kåñëa gives one the intelligence by which he can gradually progress toward perfection in service to the Lord.



“To be elevated to the platform of devotional service, the following five items should be observed: association with devotees, engagement in the service of Lord Kåñëa, the reading of Çrémad-Bhägavatam, the chanting of the holy names and residence at Våndävana or Mathurä.

Madhya 24.194

TEXT 194


ei-païca-madhye eka ‘svalpa’ yadi haya

subuddhi janera haya kåñëa-premodaya


ei—these; païca-madhye—out of the five; eka—of only one; svalpa—a small quantity; yadi—if; haya—there is; su-buddhi—intelligent; janera—of the person; haya—there is; kåñëa-prema-udaya—awakening of dormant love for Kåñëa.


“One’s dormant love for Kåñëa gradually awakens if one is a little advanced in one of these five items and is intelligent.


“If a person is actually liberal and intelligent, he can advance and become perfect in devotional service even if he has material desires and serves the Lord with some motive.



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Kubjä was a hunchbacked woman who also wanted Kåñëa with a great ecstatic love. But her desire for Kåñëa was almost mundane, and so her love cannot be compared to the love of the gopés.



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Here is a cool tool that converts Folio quotes into readily readable ascii text. Click here and then click on and download the free tiny "h-k Folio Harvard-kyoto Conversion software". Unzip that file in its own directory and read the readme.txt file for simple instructions.





Gary Stevason

Seeking the Kingdom of God


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