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Surmounting the Gunas of Maya

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In " Gudartha Dipika " Sri Madhusudana

Saravasti explains what the word, " Pra-

padyante " means when Krishna declares:



made up of the three GUNAS is hard to


But those who take refuge in ME alone

pass their days THINKING CONSTANTLY of

Me( VASUDEVA), who am such, beauty in

its entirety possessed of the luster of

sapphire and two lotus-like feet surpas-

sing the beauty of a newly blooming red

lotus, Who am ever engaged in playing on

a flute, Whose mind is absorbed in the

disport of Vrndavana, Who sportively hold

aloft the hill Govardana, Who am a Cow-

herd, Who am the destroyer of Sisupala`s

diabolic band, Kamsa and others, Who am

possess the body that set to naught all

the beauty of new rainbearing clouds, Who

possesses a Form made of Supreme Bliss

and Knowledge. Thus they`re able to trans-

cend Brahma`s phenomenal creations.

They ,on account of having their MINDS

IMMERSED in LOVE for ME, Who is an Ocean

of great JOY, are not OVERWHELMED by ANY

of the modification of the GUNAS of Maya.

On the other hand, Maya, as though out of

FEAR that, " Those who are skilled in des-

troying MY PLAY are capable of uprooting

Me, " withdraws from them as does a pros-

titute with a bad reputation."

" Therefore one who wants to CROSS over


Who am such."

That is Krishna`s INTENSION for His pure-

devotees. Hence, " ...the Srutis and Smr-

tis( similar to those verses Krishna have

described) should be representative and

stressed to all as PROOFS in this regard,"



Note: The above-article being presented

here was sent by my dear-most friend, Jaya

Sri Radhey, during those happy times two

or three months before the September 11,

2001 US Terrorist Attacks. What happened

in between is a fairytale story that must

be left untold. Why? Because your own ver-

sion of it maybe just as good as mine.




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Originally posted by melvin:

Anyone out there knows the

whereabouts of Jaya Sri Rad-

hey? If she`s banned forever

in this web site, then where

is your compassion to forget

and forgive everything what

she may have done to you to

hate her that much?

Email: jayasriradhey@ureach.com


I haven't been in touch with her for more than a month. My Email is amanpeter@hotmail.com if you want to discuss further. Peter/valaya RR




[This message has been edited by amanpeter (edited 10-06-2001).]

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