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Mood of a Pure Devotee

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The Devotional Mood of a Pure Devotee:


"I am the eternal servant of Shri Hari Gurudeva and Vaishnavas, and Their Holy Names are my most dear companion and master. By nature I am not a brahman (priest), kshatriya (administrator and soldier), vaishya (merchant, farmer or professional) or a shudra (servant of all the earlier class of men) or even a bhramcharin (celibate student), grihastha (householder), vanprastha (one who has completed his family duties) or a sanyasin (renunciant). I am the eternal servant of the servant of the servant of Shri Shri Radha Gopinath and Shri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda Shri Advaita Gadadhara Shrivasadi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda and my only desire is Their Eternal Loving Devotional Service."


Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita


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And as I the servant - dasa, I also remain in dasya, not applying on mathurya. The impudent girl they are not attractive them and in the wife will not take what to speak about greater. Àh yes I have forgotten this the spontaneous relations. Posted ImagePosted Image


And as I nature not a brahman (priest), kshatriya (administrator and soldier), vaishya,- I can accept any role for satisfaction the God. If Krisna I want - I become (if in a condition in general) - brahman (priest) or kshatriya, me all the same, as I not that and not another. If the God sends sufferings, I accept them, I do not choose that it is pleasant more to me, I as am not so great what to estimate others, but in philosophy of fidelity the compromise is impossible. If Krisna I want I can remain here, I can rise in the spiritual world and later again to return here, it not so is important. In what gopi bhava? In that that at me everywhere account, what I verify each step before to go? I have developed the perfect reason I and know each moment of time what the God wants from me? Pure devotee, uttama adhikari, can all use in service, it and is him one of attributes, neophit be not capable anything to use except for how to be asked about clearing, escaping from pressing materialists, not having forgotten thus to adopt their sights on devotee and devoted service.


The great workers move mountains for the sake of the interests, but our fidelity is so advanced that her(it) suffices on a pair of circles ìantra. Where here external? The temples are internal energy, it is possible to work in bhava, it is possible repeat in maya. The devoted service is absolute, if who everywhere sees that kanistha it external, uttama adhikari uses all - all of their machine and factory, but at neophit one song - all this external, now I shall open to you essence. Posted ImagePosted Image


MANY HAVE FALLEN BECAUSE THAT THAT DID(MADE) FOR the GOD NOT ON ACCOUNT. WHO THAT FALLS BECAUSE HAS RISEN And NOT WHO THAT DOES NOT FALL BECAUSE TO FALL THERE IS NO PLACE - VAISNAVAPARADHA THIS INSULT ¹1, Where is even lower? And THEY ARE ENGAGED in IT PROFESSIONALLY And CONSTANTLY, ALL THEIR LIFE IS CONSTRUCTED ON OWN GREATNESS And ENVY. And all philosophy on similar motives will take off for a pipe, what sastra her do not cover with.. Many simply were not skilled, but their situation is much better and more purely. Many from them already have returned, many to return not looking on anything, but some still long will here meditate having got confused in three trees and not understanding and simple things.


" I am the eternal servant of the servant of the servant, " is means that I serve also whom I serve - all servants. In the beginning only to God, then only guru - uttama? Certainly, who else at us can be, then still pair people which personally has chosen. He the servant and he serve - if money is necessary he search for money, if necessary to operate he operate, to preach - preach. He do not do(make) it mechanically, he work in consciousness Krisna is not dependent on external designations and situation. And then here he connected to the God, all becomes internal energy, in a dust he find each day gold he not silly neophit everywhere seeing external. Certainly it is necessary to develop fidelity, nobody against, but is not necessary to think that who that works in external energy. One clause about vegetarian on a site costs most these some doubtful conversations, varnasrama is necessary much more than all these useless searches pure devotee and personal realization as doubtful. Sadana we accept for spontaneous fidelity, and meditation for devoted service is direct.


And as I nature not a brahman (priest), kshatriya (administrator and soldier), vaishya, in this case accept everything, why only to attributes? Also what I in it understand - where it is pleasant, there and spiritually more? Correctly, correct choice.


" bhramcharin (celibate student), grihastha (householder), vanprastha (one who has completed his family duties) or a sanyasin (renunciant). "


Why then only sanyasin? Because at me is not present fidelity in the God and knowledge besides therefore I trust only most most or myself and again in a point - Correctly.


Perfectly. Best guru, the best role - forward, is necessary only to reach, the ladder, ladder in paradise, and here Radharani? where in all it internal energy is necessary? It maya and top maya increase of personal greatness under the different names and to speak that energy a source everything, not knowing Gita to interpret that that that above, but I that am higher. Posted ImagePosted Image


All of them have fallen - "... Never will be in ISKCON... " Uttama fidelity.



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Normal economy, when all will fail in Russia it will be best. We write music " I do not want to be krisnait ", " This body as the machine, house, computer, a disco ", " I your pleasant meeting ", we northern bears, I a deer of a horn to me for the present have not put. Hitler married before death on christian traditions, his(its) rule(situation) is similar is more best than yours. The people to eat meat, therefore is born Hitler.

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